Diablo IV Gold Well Spent: How To Get the Payment of Gemstones From Luskas

by Vlad
June 7, 2023

Diablo IV Gold Well Spent is the first side quest you can complete upon arriving in Menestad, the small Fractured Peaks village northwest of Kyovashad, and it involves finding Luskas and retrieving a payment he must return.

Diablo 4 Gold Well Spent is, therefore, a fetch-quest, and it’s very accessible and easy to complete, even though it involves a fight against an elite mob.

Basically, all you need to do is find Luskas and deal with him since he won’t agree to hand over the payment peacefully.

So, let’s see where to find Luskas and how to retrieve the payment of gemstones in the following D4 Gold Well Spent walkthrough.

How To Start the Gold Well Spent Quest in Diablo IV

To start the Gold Well Spent quest, you must first complete the Prologue and reach Kyovashad. Then you have to travel northwest of Kyovashad and reveal the location of the village named Menestad.

It is worth knowing that if you want to complete all Frqactured Peaks side-quests, it’s best to visit Menestad during the Chain of Possession side-quest, looking to remove the Woodsman’s Axe curse.

Menestad, as you can see below, is fairly close to Kyovashad.

Diablo IV Gold Well Spent becomes available in Menestad, northwest of Kyovashad

Upon entering the small village, head to the southern gate and look for an NPC named Meros.

Meros is found in front of his house by the road, waiting for someone to help him find Luskas.

Find Meros in Menestad and talk to him

Ask Meros what happened, and he’ll tell you that he made an arrangement that went wary, ending up being extorted by Luskas for protection. Luskas stole some gemstones from Meros, who needs your help retrieving them.

Meros also tells you that Luskas is camped northwest of Menestad.

Where To Find Luskas in Diablo 4

After talking to Meros, open your map and check the area northwest of Menestad while tracking the current quest.

As you can see below, the search area is marked by a blue circle.

Luskas is found northwest of Menestad

After reaching the area above, you’ll find Luskas in a small clearing.

The NPC won’t become hostile until you talk to him but be advised that he will attack you when you ask him for the gemstones belonging to Meros.

Ask Luskas to give you the gemstones for Meros

Luskas won’t agree to hand over the gemstones, which means you must get them from its corpse.

Defeating Luskas is relatively easy, even though he is an elite mob. Once you defeat him and his Arsonists, pick up the Payment of Gemstones from the ground. This is the quest item you must bring back to Meros.

Upon returning to Menestad, talk to Meros to complete the quest and retrieve your rewards (Gold, XP, 20 Renown Points) and a Gem Cache containing various gems.

Now that you finished the Gold Well Spent quest, consider visiting our Diablo IV Fractured Peaks side-quests list if you don’t want to miss any of the quests in the first area of the Sanctuary.

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