Diablo IV Chain of Possession: Where To Find the Red Cellar

June 6, 2023

Diablo IV Chain of Possession is a Fractured Peaks side-quest that continues the story of Magdalena you have met in the village of Nevesk or the first village you visit when you start your journey as a Nephalem.

As you may remember, Magdalena is an NPC hired by a priest to find the Axe of the Woodsman of Nevesk. After meeting her and retrieving the Axe, Magdalena relocates to an unknown area; however, her story continues in the next side-quest named Chain of Possession.

Unlike the previous side-quest, Diablo 4 Chain of Possession is shorter, as it involves only a mini-boss fight inside the Red Cellar.

Let’s see what you must do to complete this side quest and continue Magdalena’s story.

How To Start the Chain of Possession Quest in Diablo IV

As you can probably guess, the Chain of Possession side-quest becomes available after you help Magdalena find the Woodsman’s Axe during the Woodsman of Nevesk.

Assuming you have completed the said side-quest, you already know that Magdalena was looking for the unusual weapon after being hired by a priest named Parin.

Once you bring her the bloody weapon, Magdalena rewards you, and then she leaves the area, but her story continues in Menestad.

So to start the Chain of Possession quest, first you must complete the Woodsman of Nevesk, then head to Menestad, the village located northwest of Kyovashad.

Diablo 4 Chain of Possession becomes available after completing the  Woodsman of Nevesk side-quest.

Upon arriving in Menestad, look around to find a priest beside a badly wounded knight.

His name is Parin, and he is the priest who hired Magdalena to find the Woodsman’s Axe. Parin is located on the western side of Menestad.

Talk to Parin in Menestad to start the quest

When you approach the priest, she’ll tell you that a madwoman slaughtered his knights with an axe.

So, Magdalena kept the cursed weapon instead of bringing it back to the priest, as she told you. The weapon, as Parin explains, feeds on blood; thus, the poor woman had no idea what she was doing. Your next objective is to deal with Magdalena and separate her from the cursed Axe.

Where To Find Magdalena Inside the Red Cellar in Diablo 4

Upon talking to Parin, you’ll notice that the cellar nearby opens, granting access to a small underground area where the Chain of Possession side quest continues.

Get inside the Red Cellar in front of Parin, then check the second room where you’ll find the possessed woman.

When you get close, she’ll turn into an elite mini-boss, but since there are no mobs to help her, she’s a very accessible opponent.

Kill Magdalena inside the Rec Cellar to complete the Chain of Possession side quest

Unfortunately, to complete the side-quest, you have to kill her. After obtaining the Woodsman’s Axe from the possessed woman, Parin spawns inside the Red Cellar.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he needs your help again because he wants to purge the demon from the cursed weapon. He also asks you to meet him in the Crags of Ill Wind, where the story of the cursed Axe ends with the Legacy Unmade side quest.

For dealing with Magdalena and finishing the Chain of Possession side-quest, you’ll earn 20 Renown Points, Gold, XP, and a Gem Cache you can open from your inventory.

Last but not least, you’ll be one step closer to completing the 35 Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Side Quests.

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