Diablo IV Legacy Unmade: How To Destroy the Woodsman’s Axe

June 6, 2023

Legacy Unmade is the third Diablo IV quest involving the Woodsman’s Axe you retrieve for Magdalena in the village of Nevesk, and it allows you to deal with the demon inside the cursed weapon.

Diablo 4 Legacy Unmade side-quest is pretty similar to the previous one you completed in Menestad, meaning that it takes place inside a small cellar, but this time you must face an Elite boss.

The questline involving the Woodsman’s Axe ends with Legacy Unmade; thus, you’ll be able to find the story behind the cursed weapon and the demon who turned Magdalena into a madwoman.

Here is how to complete the Legacy Unmade quest in D4 and how to cleanse the possessed Axe.

How To Start the Legacy Unmade Quest in Diablo IV

To be able to start the Legacy Unmade, first, you must help Magdalena in the small village of Nevesk by completing the Woodsman of Nevesk side quest.

After you retrieve the Woodsman’s Axe and bring it back to Magdalena, she’ll tell you that she will return it to Parin, the priest who hired her.

She won’t do that since the weapon is cursed and turns her into a madwoman who ends up in the Red Cellar. So the next step is to complete the Chain of Possession side-quest in Menestad and help Parin, the priest, deal with her.

Once you kill Magdalena and get the Woodsman’s Axe for Parin, he’ll ask you to meet him in the Crags of Ill Wind. At this point, the Legacy Unmade quest starts, and it’s recommended to finish it and end the curse.

From the Red Cellar, where you deal with Magdalena, you must travel to the Crags of Ill Wind, where Parin awaits; however, he won’t be there if you don’t complete the previous two quests above.

From Menestad, you want to travel northeast towards Crags of Ill Wind. Parin’s location is clearly marked on your map, as you can see below.

To continue Legacy Unmade quest you must meet Parin northeast of Menestad.

Once you find Parin, talk to him, then enter the Sanctified Study. This small cellar is next to the priest.

How To Destroy the Woodsman’s Axe Inside the Sanctified Study in Diablo 4

Inside, stay close to Parin, and he’ll tell you about the ritual he is about to perform.

Now, you’ll want to pick up the Woodsman’s Axe from the table in the middle of the room.

Get the Woodsman’s Axe from the table

With the Woodsman’s Axe in your inventory, get close to the chalice near Parin and interact with it to start the ritual but be advised that you’ll have to face a boss. Specifically, the Woodsman you encountered while playing the first part of the questline.

Defeating him is mandatory for continuing the ritual. Once you defeat the Elite Woodsman, get close to the chalice and interact with the Wodsman’s Axe to destroy it.

Finally, talk to Parin again to complete the Legacy Unmade side-quest and receive your rewards (Gold, XP, 20 Renown Points, and a Cache).

This concludes the questline involving the Diablo 4 Woodsman’s Axe, a cursed item with a very interesting story. Now, feel free to complete the remaining side-quests in the Fractured Peaks region before moving to the next area.

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