Diablo IV Hungering Bone Cache: Where To Find Werewolves Death Anima

by Vlad
June 5, 2023

Hungering Bone Cache is a Diablo 4 hidden quest available in the Fractured Peaks region of the Sanctuary, and it requires you to find a quest item that allows your Nephalem to harvest and store the death anima from Werewolves.

Diablo IV Hungering Bone Cache side-quest is pretty accessible if you know where to find the cache or the quest item, and throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll discuss its location.

It is worth knowing that the Diablo 4 Hungering Bone Cache quest is fairly similar to the Exorcist’s Cache, also available in the Fractured Peaks region.

How To Start the Hungering Bone Cache Quest in Diablo IV

To start the Hungering Bone Cache in D4, you must first find the associated quest item, which drops from searchable corpses you can find in the Fractured Peaks region.

Unlike the Frostbloom, which is a quest item obtained from bushes, the Hungering Bone Cache drops from corpses you can investigate.

The drop rate is high, so you won’t waste too much time looking for this item; however, remember that this item drops randomly.

For example, we managed to find it while exploring The Pallid Glade area on the southwestern border of Fractured Peaks.

You can see the exact location on the map below, and it’s recommended to check this region first.

Diablo IV Hungering Bone Cache is triggered after you find the cache which drops from corpses on the ground.

If you can’t find the D4 Hungering Bone Cache at the location we have marked, remain in the Pallid Glade area, and keep looking for corpses you can interact with.

You can see what the Bone Cache looks like in the following screenshot, near the corpse where we found it.

Loot the Hungering Bone Cache from the corpse to start the quest.

How to Harvest Death Anima From Werewolves in Diablo 4

After obtaining the Hungering Bone Cache, while tracking the quest, open your map and notice the highlighted area similar to the one pictured below.

Fill the Hungering Bone Cache by killing werewolves within the marked area.

Within its borders, you can spot multiple enemies marked by red dots. These are the werewolves you have to kill to obtain Death Anima.

The Death Anima drops randomly, meaning that not all targets provide this material which glows when dropped on the ground.

Last but not least, Death Anima also comes from Volkodlaks and Storm Wargs. Keep slaying the beasts and collect the glowing orbs on the ground to fill the Hungering Bone Cache.

Once filled, the Hungering Bone Cache side-quest is complete, and you’ll receive 20 Renown Points, Gold, and XP. Additionally, you can open the Sated Bone Cache in your inventory to obtain 20 Murmuring Obols and other random rewards.

Now that you finished the Hungering Bone Cache don’t forget to keep tracking the remaining quests using our Fractured Peaks Side Quests Locations Guide so you don’t miss any of them.

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