Diablo IV Frostbloom Quest Location Guide

by Vlad
June 5, 2023

Frostbloom is one of the Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks side-quests that require you to find a specific item through exploration.

Diablo IV Frostbloom also features a random starting location, depending on where you find the said quest item; however, this side-quest is relatively easy to complete once you learn where to look for the required item, which in this case is a herb.

Even though the D4 Frostbloom is not a common herb or ingredient, its drop rate is quite high, which means that if you know where to look for it, you’ll get it and complete the associated quest relatively fast.

To help you with it, our Diablo 4 Frostbloom walkthrough explains everything you need to know about this quest and how to complete it.

How To Start the Frostbloom Quest in Diablo IV

Frostobloom is a hidden quest in Diablo 4, which means that, unlike other side quests, you won’t see an exclamation mark showing its starting location.

To be able to trigger it, you’ll need to focus on gathering herbs from bushes scattered within the first region you get to explore early in the game.

Therefore, after you complete the Prologue while working on other Fractured Peaks Side Quests, you have to make sure you constantly interact with the bushes you encounter.

Since they spawn at random locations, take your time exploring Fractured Peaks. If you want to focus on this quest from Kyovashad, head west to reach the area known as The Pallid Glade because that’s where you’ll find the Frostbloom in Diablo 4.

On the following map, you can see the spot where this herb dropped for us, and it’s worth investigating it first.

Frostbloom is a Diablo 4 quest item and herb which spawns in the Pallid Glade area of Fractured Peaks

At the location marked above, you’ll find the entrance to the cellar, known as Oleg’s Hideout.

Make sure you check the bush that spawns outside the cellar on the left side of the entrance.

If the bush doesn’t spawn for you, or the Frostbloom doesn’t drop when you harvest it, you must continue searching for other bushes; but make sure you remain in The Pallid Glade region.

Here is what the Frostbloom looks like in Diablo 4.

Diablo IV Frostbloom is started by harvesting bushes.

Where To Find Veroka in Diablo 4

Assuming you found the Frostbloom, to complete the side-quest, all you have to do is to bring the herb to Veroka in Kyovashad.

If you already progressed through the game’s first act, you probably know that Veroka is the local alchemist you’ll visit quite often to upgrade your Nephalem’s healing potions.

So, to complete the side-quest, fast travel to the Kyovashad Waypoint, then visit Veroka, who will be interested in the flower you just found.

To complete the Frostboom side-quest in Diablo 4, bring the flower to Veroka in Kyovashad

The alchemist will be thrilled to see the unique herb you brought, and even though she won’t use it for you, she will hand over a cache you can open in your inventory to obtain a random elixir.

For finishing the Diablo IV Frostbloom quest, you’ll also obtain 20 Renown Points, Gold, and XP, so make sure you don’t miss this side-quest, especially if you are tracking all Fractured Peaks side-quests using our locations guide.

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