Diablo IV The Sealed Door Quest Location Guide

by Vlad
June 5, 2023

The Sealed Door is one of the 35 Fractured Peaks side-quests you can complete in the early stages of Diablo IV, and it requires you to find a hidden door guarded by a Death Priest.

Diablo 4 The Sealed Door side quest is mandatory if you are a completionist who wishes to beat all quests in the video game published by Blizzard Entertainment.

This side-quest, however, also comes with a specific requirement you must meet; otherwise, you won’t be able to see it on your in-game map.

To help you with it, our Diablo IV The Sealed Door walkthrough below explains how to unlock the quest and where you should look for the hidden Sealed Door in Fractured Peaks.

How To Start the Sealed Door Quest in Diablo IV

To unlock The Sealed Door side-quest in Diablo 4, focus on completing the game’s Prologue, which will eventually take you to Kyovashad, the hub city in the Fractured Peaks region.

Upon reaching Kyovashad, you’ll want to level up your Nephalem and reach level 15; otherwise, the quest giver won’t appear on your map.

If you need help leveling up faster, consider checking our Fractured Peaks Side Quests List and finish additional side quests.

Once you hit level 15, head back to Kyovashad and look for a blue exclamation mark on the city’s eastern side at the location on our map below.

Diablo IV The Sealed Door side-quest becomes available in Kyovashad

Head to the marker on the map above and look for a Strange Beggar on the dark street. Talk to him, and agree to give him a coin.

The Strange Beggar will refuse and tell you about a Sealed Door in the northern areas of Fractured Peaks. According to the quest giver, the Sealed Door must remain closed to avoid a calamity. Your objective is to find the hidden door and clear the threats around it as they try to open it.

Where To Find the Fractured Peaks Sealed Door in Diablo 4

Upon starting the quest, while tracking it in your journal, open your map and notice the search area located northwest of your current location.

Exit Kyovashad through the eastern gate and try dealing with as many mobs as you can until you get your hands on the Sealed Exorcist’st Cache quest item because, on your way to the Sealed Door, you can complete the Exorcist’s Cache side-quest.

After reaching the search area, make sure that you check the northernmost point marked on our map below.

Check the Hoary Gate region to find the Sealed Door

This area is known as Hoary Gate, where we have found the Sealed Gate and the Death Priest protecting it.

Assuming you can’t find it at the location marked on our map, go around the mountain walls, but remain within the blue borders of the search area, looking for a massive stone gate similar to the one pictured below.

The Sealed Door is a massive stone structure within the mountain's walls.

As you get close, you’ll encounter a Death Priest you must defeat to complete the side-quest. The priest is pretty accessible even on higher difficulty levels.

By completing Diablo IV The Sealed Door side-quest, you’ll earn 20 Fractured Peaks renown points, gold, XP, and a Leather Cache you can open in your inventory to receive several random crafting materials.

Now that you have completed this side-quest, visit our Diablo 4 Wiki Hub for more guides, walkthroughs, and collectibles locations.

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