Diablo IV Depths of Despair: Where To Find Vasek

June 8, 2023

Diablo 4 Depths of Despair is the second side-quest involving Sister Octavia, the NPC responsible for exorcising the demons controlling the citizens of Kyovashad.

Diablo IV Depths of Despair is pretty similar to the previous quest in Sister Octavia’s questline, but this time around, the ritual doesn’t go as planned, and you’ll need to explore a small dungeon chasing the possessed villager.

Therefore to complete the Depths of Despair in D4, you’ll need to find Vasek, and throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Sister Octavia’s second quest.

How To Start the Depths of Despair Quest in Diablo IV

Depths of Despair is triggered in Kyovashad, but to be able to play it, first, you must complete the Malady of the Soul or the first quest for Sister Octavia.

Once you finish Malady of the Soul, if the quest marker doesn’t appear on your map, make sure you leave the city (fast-travel to another location), then return to Kyovashad, and check the eastern side of the town to find Sister Octavia in front of a house.

To start Diablo 4 Depths of Despair Quest, talk to Sister Octavia after you complete Malady of the Soul

Sister Octavia is accompanied by Kvera, a female NPC convinced that her husband, Vasek, is possessed by a demon.

Luckily, Kvera managed to tie Vasek inside the cellar nearby, and now she needs your help dealing with the demon.

After you start the quest, enter the Ominous Cellar in Kvera’s house and deal with the Carvers. Since you won’t be able to din Vasek inside, return to the surface to find Kvera badly injured.

Talk to her by the door, and she’ll tell you that her husband was hiding upstairs and escaped while you were inside the Ominous Cellar.

Now, you’ll have to chase him down alongside Sister Octavia.

Where To Find Vasek in Diablo 4 Depths of Despair

When you finish talking to Kvera, check your minimap and notice a blue search area. To find Vasek, you’ll have to search within the area’s borders.

From Kvera’s house, follow the road east, then move south. Eventually, you should be able to spot the entrance to the Kyovashad Sewers.

Vasek is found inside the Kyovashad Sewers

Inside the Kyovashad Sewers, you’ll need to chase Vasek with Sister Octavia; however, you must be aware that this is a story dungeon, meaning that you won’t be able to replay it after finishing the Depths of Despair quest.

Because of this, take your time and try to check all tunnels. Furthermore, the Kyovashad Sewers is a random-generated dungeon similar to all other dungeons, meaning the level design changes. For this reason, we can’t provide a fixed location for Vasek, but as long as you investigate all tunnels, you can’t miss him.

You will eventually find Vasek in a large cave, and you’ll be asked to speak to Sister Octavia, who will once again give you the Holy Chalice required to start the ritual.

Now, place the Holy Chalice behind Vasek, as you can see below.

Place the Holy Chalice near Vasek

After the ritual starts, stay alert because the demon inside Vasek spawns near you. His name is Demotah, and he is an Elite mob.

Defeat him, then head outside the Kyovashad Sewers by fast-traveling to the entrance using the icon on your map.

Outside, talk to Octavia, who was wounded by Demotah. Fortunately, even if you couldn’t save Vasek, you’ll be rewarded for completing the Depths of Despair quest (XP, Gold, Renown Points, and an Elixir Cache).

Last but not least, you can start the next quest in Octavia’s questline (Faith in Blood), which also counts as one of the 35 D4 Fractured Peaks side-quests.

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