Diablo IV Forgive Me: Where To Find Roza and Deliver the Bloodied Note

by Vlad
June 10, 2023

Diablo 4 Bloodied Note is a quest item that allows you to unlock one of the 35 Fractured Peaks side-quests, provided you know where to find it and what to do with it.

Diablo IV Forgive Me side-quest is a very accessible fetch quest; however, unlike other side-quests in the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it won’t be marked on your map.

This makes the quest fairly easy to miss, especially if you rush through the game and, in this case, the dungeons in Fractured Peaks.

To avoid missing the Forgive Me quest in Diablo IV, our walkthrough below explains where to find the Bloodied Note and how to return it to Roza.

How To Start the Forgive Me Quest in Diablo 4

To start the Diablo 4 quest named Forgive Me, you must explore the dungeon named Kor Dragan Barracks on the northern side of the Fractured Peaks region.

It is also recommended to complete the Kor Dragan Stronghold before venturing inside the Kor Dragan Barracks dungeon marked on the map below.

Diablo 4 Forgive Me side-quest starts inside Kor Dragan Barracks.

Once you enter the Kor Dragan Barracks, you’ll want to fully explore its halls.

The dungeon is randomly generated, meaning it’s impossible to pinpoint the location of the Bloodied Note; however, you should know that this item is carried by a specific elite enemy named Julek.

You’ll most likely encounter him after you open the Barracks Gate, thus entering the Quietus Gallery, and you can see what it looks like in the following screenshot.

Defeat Julek to find the Bloodied Note.

Defeating Julek is mandatory for obtaining the Bloodied Note because he is the one carrying the quest item.

After you deal with the Herald of Woe, pick the Bloodied Note he drops to start the Forgive Me quest, which now requires you to bring the note to Roza.

Where To Find Roza in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, Roza is an NPC located in Menestad within the Fractured Peaks region. It is worth knowing that to complete the side-quest, you don’t need to beat the Kor Dragan Barracks, so after you get the Bloodied Note, feel free to exit the dungeon using the icon on your map.

Next, you’ll want to fast-travel to Menestad, northwest of Kyovashad.

Roza is found in Menestad, southwest of Kor Dragan barracks.

After entering Menestad, check the northern side of the village.

Roza is waiting for you northeast of the stables, by the road, as you can see below. When you get close, she’ll ask you if you saw a man named Julek.

Look for Roza northeast of the Menestad Stables

When you talk to Roza, she’ll ask where you found Julek. Since you killed him, you’ll refuse to tell her anything, and the Forgive Me side quest ends.

Besides the usual Gold, XP, and Renown Points, you’ll also receive a Herb Cache for returning the Bloodied Note to Roza.

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