Diablo IV Cries of Innocence: Where To Find the Tormented Spirit of Corik Trost

by Vlad
June 11, 2023

Cries of Innocence is one of the 35 Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks side quests featured in the first region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and it requires you to find and slay the Tormented Spirit of Corik Trost.

Diablo 4 Cries of Innocence is an emotional quest due to the fact that your objective is given by Corik’s father, Vendral Trost.

Otherwise, the Cries of Innocence side-quest is quite accessible, provided you know where to find Corik Trost within one of the Fractured Peaks dungeons.

To help you complete this quest, our Diablo IV Cries of Innocence walkthrough below covers all objectives, including Corik Trost’s spirit location.

How To Start the Cries of Innocence Quest in Diablo 4

To be able to play the Cries of Innocence quest, first, you’ll have to complete the D4 Prologue and reach Kyovashad, thus unlocking the side quests in the game.

After finishing the Prologue, head outside the city through the eastern gate. Once you enter Olyam Tundra, head north towards the location we have marked on the following map.

Diablo 4 Cries of Innocence becomes available northeast of Kyovashad

As you explore the area, you should be able to spot an NPC sitting on a stone bridge. Ask Vendral Trost what is going on, and he will want to know if you also see the ghost of his son Corik.

According to Vendral, Corik was taken to the Black Asylum, where he died. Corik’s tormented spirit haunts Vendral, asking him to end his suffering.

Your objective is to find the tormented spirit of Corik Trost and put him to rest. Here is where to look for Corik.

Where To Find Corik Trost in Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon

To find Corik Trost in Diablo 4, you must enter the Black Asylum dungeon, found northeast of Vendral Trost’s location in the Fractured Peaks region.

The location of the Black Asylum is marked on your map, as you can see below.

the Black Asylum dungeon is found north of Vendral Trost

While the dungeon has a fixed location, the level design is randomly generated, which means that Corik Trost’s tormented spirit location varies, making it quite hard to pinpoint.

It’s worth knowing, though, that you don’t have to complete the Black Asylum dungeon to find Corik Trost, but you’ll need to fully explore the prison’s corridors.

When you get close to his location, you’ll see a blue circle on your minimap, depicting his approximate location.

Corik Trost is an elite enemy found on the corridors of the Black Asylum dungeon.

As you can see above, Corik is found within the blue borders of the search area. Make sure that you kill Corik; then, you’ll be asked to return to his father, Vendral.

If you are visiting the Black Asylum dungeon for the first time, however, it is recommended to complete the instance because you’ll unlock the Aspect of Torment for the Necromancer class.

After you complete the dungeon, head outside using the exit icon on your map and return to Vendral. When talking to him, he’ll confess that he sent his son to the Black Asylum for a sin he committed; thus, Corik will always haunt him, even though you put his spirit to rest.

Now, Diablo 4 Cries of Innocence ends, and you’ll be rewarded with Gold, XP, 20 Fractured Peaks Renown Points, and a Murmuring Cache containing Murmuring Obols.

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