Diablo IV Ravenous Dead: Where To Find Ghoul Hearts

by Vlad
June 10, 2023

Ravenous Dead is a Diablo 4 fetch quest available in Yelesna, the village on the southeastern side of Fractured Peaks.

Diablo 4 Ravenous Dead is fairly easy to complete, and it requires you to find and collect 15 Ghoul Hearts for Olesia, who supplies specimens for the local clergy.

Getting the Ravenous Dead Ghoul Hearts in the latest video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment involves a bit of Ghoul hunting, and throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll tell you where to find the Ghouls and how to get their hearts.

How To Start the Ravenous Dead Quest in Diablo 4

Similar to Traveler’s Prayer, D4 Ravenous Dead can be accessed the moment you reach Yelesna, east of Margrave and southeast of Kyovashad.

The village is in the Gale Valley and features a Waypoint you’ll want to activate when you enter.

After activating the Yelesna Waypoint, open your map, and you’ll see an exclamation mark on the southwestern side.

To start Diablo 4 Ravenous Dead side-quest visit Yelesna and find Olesia near the southern gate.

Near the southern exit of the village, you’ll find a female NPC named Olesia. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that she is the supplier for the local clergy.

Specifically, she provides various beast parts to the priests who wish to study them. Her latest order is for 15 Ghoul Hearts which are quite unusual because they can reanimate with only a few drops of blood. Let’s see where to find the Ghoul Hearts for Olesia.

Where To Find Ghoul Hearts in Diablo 4 Ravenous Dead

To get the Ghoul Hearts, you must hunt Ghouls, and after you start the quest, you should be able to see their locations on your map.

These beasts are found northeast of Yelesna, as you can see on the following map.

Diablo 4 Ghoul Hearts drop from Ghouls northeast of Yelesna

Upon entering the search area, check your mini-map, and you should see multiple red dots marking the Ghouls you must kill.

The drop rate for Ghoul Hearts is relatively high, meaning you won’t have to spend the whole day killing Ghouls.

Furthermore, these creatures attack in packs and are pretty weak, even on higher difficulty levels. After you deal with a group, check the items on the ground. Chances are you’ll get a Ghoul Heart for every 3 Ghouls you kill.

Kill Ghouls until you get 15 Ghoul Hearts

Once you manage to gather 15 Ghoul Hearts, head back to Olesia and hand them over. She’ll tell you that the local clergy will use them to learn more about these enemies.

For completing Diablo IV Ravenous Dead side-quest, you’ll get XP, Gold, Renown Points, and a Herb Cache containing random herbs.

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