Diablo IV Blood Sermon: Where To Find the Sanguine Chapel Red Chalice

by Vlad
June 13, 2023

Blood Sermon is the only Diablo 4 side-quest available in the Kor Valar area of the Fractured Peaks region featured in the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Blood Sermon is an accessible fetch quest; however, it won’t be available early in the game because it requires you to progress the Act 1 story by playing several main quests.

While not as tricky as other Fractured Peaks side-quests, Diablo IV Blood Sermon can be easily missed, but throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this quest.

How To Start the Blood Sermon Quest in Diablo 4

To start the side-quest named Blood Sermon in Diablo IV, first, you must reach Kor Valar on the northern side of the Fractured Peaks.

If you don’t see the exclamation mark at the location on our map below, consider progressing through the Act 1 story and complete the Light’s Protection main quest.

To start the Diablo 4 Blood Sermon quest, visit Kor Valar in the Fractured Peaks area.

Once the quest becomes available, you’ll be able to talk to Sister Vera. Ask her how fares the ministry, and she’ll tell you that a dying knight mistook her for his confessor.

Before passing away, the knight told Sister Vera about some sacrilegious events. Specifically, his party found a Red Chalice, and their leader, the Red Bishop, asked them to drink from it.

According to the knight, the Red Chalice was the secret to eternal life. Sister Vera who is about to relocate to the Bear Tribe Camp, wants to take a closer look at the Red Chalice.

Your objective is to retrieve it for her by exploring the Sanguine Chapel dungeon, looking for what’s left of the knight’s party. So, let’s see where to find the Sanguine Chapel and the Diablo 4 Red Chalice.

Where To Find the Bishop and Red Chalice in Diablo 4 Sanguine Chapel

After starting the Blood Sermon side-quest in Diablo 4, you’ll find the Sanguine Chapel in the Seat of Heavens region, southeast of your current location (where you’ve met Vera).

The Sanguine Chapel is found in the Seat of Heavens region, southeast of Kor Valar

After a long walk, get inside the dungeon marked on the map above.

Like most Diablo 4 dungeons, the Sanguine Chapel is randomly generated, while the Bishop is the final boss in this specific instance.

This means that you’ll want to complete the dungeon to retrieve the Red Chalice.

Since the level design differs every time you enter the dungeon, focus on revealing the map and dealing with the mobs inside.

To open the door leading to the Bishop, you’ll have to:

  • Find the Mechanical Boxes and bring them to the pedestals in front of the door leading to the Defiled Undercroft
  • Slay all enemies marked by red dots on your minimap in the Defiled Undercroft
  • Enter the Chamber of Morality

Inside the Chamber of Morality, you’ll encounter the Blood Bishop or the dungeon’s boss. Deal with him, and he will drop the Red Chalice.

The Red Chalice drops from the Blood Bishop boss in Sanguine Chapel

After you get your hands on the Red Chalice, exit the dungeon using the exit icon on your map, then look for Sister Vera, who moved to the Bear Tribe Refuge Settlement southwest of Kor Valar.

She’ll thank you for returning the Red Chalice, and she promises to destroy it. For completing the Diablo IV Blood Sermon, you’ll receive Gold, XP, 20 Renowns Points, and a Murmuring Cache containing Murmuring Obols.

Before leaving Fractured Peaks, however, remember that this region includes several hidden or secret quests, as well as a hidden dungeon that won’t appear on your map.

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