Diablo IV Firsthand Knowledge: Where To Find the Family Cellar

June 13, 2023

Firsthand Knowledge is a relatively easy and short Diablo 4 side-quest you can complete while exploring the Dry Steppes region for Act 3.

Diablo 4 Firsthand Knowledge quest can be emotional, but you must still finish it if you want to achieve 100% completion in the Dry Steppes region, as it is part of the 38 side-quests available in Act 3.

The quest will have you help Nurbolat, a scholar of history and religion who is assisting the Cathedral of Light in healing Sanctuary’s corruption.

As such, you should check the walkthrough below to complete D4 Firsthand Knowledge as fast as possible and learn a lesson about what happens when the wrong people have too much power.

How To Start Firsthand Knowledge Quest in Diablo 4

First, you need to progress with the main story until you reach Act 3, where the side quest becomes available.

Then you must make your way to the southern part of the Dindai Flats area in the Dry Steppes region.

Diablo 4 Firsthand Knowledge quest becomes available from the start of Act 3

Once you reach the location marked on the map above, you’ll find a male NPC named Nurbolat in the open.

Talk to him to find out what he is doing here and start the side-quest.

Where To Find the Family Cellar in Diablo 4

As mentioned, the scholar is doing research for the Cathedral of Light, and you should land him a hand by escorting him to a particular abandoned marketplace northwest of your current location, where the Hand of Zakarum is inquiring about a family of non-believers.

On the following map, we’ve pinpointed the location of the marketplace and the other two spots you must reach to complete the quest.

The Family Cellar is found on the northwest side of the Dindai Flats area

The locations are marked in the order you’ll have to visit them.

Once you reach the marketplace, let Nurbolat do his magic and attune with the spirits in the area.

You’ll then see a member of the Hand of Zakarum order ask about Batzorig, a man accused of heresy.

Now follow the trail leading north at the second location on our map, where you should find Batzorig with one of his neighbors.

After getting to the right spot, you can see the spirits of Batzorig and the neighbor.

At the instructions of his neighbor, Batzorig runs away to a cellar in the hills north of here.

When you ask the neighbor about Batzorig, he gets upset and attacks you with two of his buddies.

Defeat them quickly and go to the mentioned cellar, at the third location on the map above, to see how the story ends.

Upon entering the cellar, you’ll shortly find the Hand of Zakarum catching up to Batzorig and his family.

The punishment for turning away from the Zakarum seems to be death for him and his family.

Batzorig won’t stand for it and possess Nurbolat, who will then attack you.

Batzorig is hiding in the Family Cellar

After you throw a couple of hits at Nurbolat, he comes to his senses and says he now has the knowledge he sought and thanks the spirit for showing him the truth.

Even though Batzorig’s family can’t be saved, maybe others will be, so a valuable lesson was learned by the scholar, and he will tell the story to the Cathedral of Light.

Great job, hero! You’ve completed the Diablo 4 Firsthand Knowledge quest and got XP, Gold, Renown points, and a Murmuring Cache. But there are plenty more side-quests left to complete in Act 3, like Blood and Sweat, which becomes available after clearing the Qara Yisu Stronghold.

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