Diablo IV Call of the Ancients: How To Explore the Hallowed Glacier

by Vlad
June 12, 2023

Call of the Ancients is the fourth and final Diablo 4 side-quest available in the Bear Tribe Refuge settlement on the northern side of the Fractured Peaks area of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients can’t be accessed unless you prove worthy of speaking to Chieftain Glous, who will accompany you inside the Hallowed Glacier dungeon.

Alongside Glous, you’ll be able to clear the Hallowed Glacier, and throughout the following D4 Call of the Ancients walkthrough, we’ll go over all objectives you must complete.

But first, let’s see the requirements for this quest.

How To Start the Call of the Ancients Quest in Diablo 4

To be able to start the Call of the Ancients in Diablo 4, first, you must complete the Prologue, then reach the Bear Tribe Refuge village northeast of Kyovashad.

You can see the location of the Bear Tribe Refuge on the following map.

Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients quest becomes available in the Bear Tribe Refuge village.

Once you get to the said village, you’ll notice two exclamation marks, but there are three side quests you can play the moment you visit the Bear Tribe Refuge:

All three side-quests are mandatory for accessing the Call of the Ancients, so make sure you complete them in any order you want.

The idea here is to gain an audience with Chieftain Glous. After you finish all of them, the Call of the Ancients quest appears on your map, so visit Glous and talk to him.

Glous tells you he’s been waiting for a proven warrior like you and needs your help in an expedition within the glacier.

Chieftain Glous is looking for the ancients’ wisdom to find a purpose for his people after their failures at Mount Arreat.

Your first objective is to enter the Hallowed Glacier several steps northeast of your current location.

How To Explore the Diablo 4 Hallowed Glacier

The Hallowed Glacier, like all other Diablo 4 dungeons, is randomly generated, which means that the level design changes while the objectives remain the same.

To advance the quest, you must complete several objectives, but their locations change alongside the dungeon’s layout.

Therefore start exploring and uncovering all tunnels dealing with the Ice Clan mobs. As you progress, you’ll have to:

  • Slay Gharl, an elite Khazra
  • Defeat Sakoth inside the Bloodsoaked Glacier and get the Bloodstone in the area where you fight him
  • Take the Bloodstone to the Bloodstone Pedestal and unlock the door leading to the Chamber of Misery

Inside the Chamber of Misery, you’ll meet Kravett, the shaman of the  Bear Tribe.

Spek to Kravett inside the Hallowed Glacier Chamber of Misery

When talking to him, you’ll find out that, like most people in the Sanctuary, Kravett is possessed by one of Lilith’s demons—specifically Cyhrach The First Born.

Get ready to deal with the boss, and after you defeat Cyhrach, speak with Kravett again, and he’ll tell you that he was imprisoned by those he sought aid from while looking to make amends for the past. Or for the failure, Glous told you about.

Before dying, Kravett instructs the Cheftain to never look at the past and to forge new bonds for his people because relying on strength alone led to their defeat at Mount Arreat.

Now the Diablo IV Call of the Ancients quest is complete, and you’ll be rewarded with an Elixir Cache, Gold, XP, and 20 Renown Points, but remember that there are more Fractured Peaks quests waiting for you, and some of them are not marked on your map as we explained in our Fractured Peaks secret quests locations guide.

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