Diablo IV Heart of Mold: Where To Find Nuroth the Vile Fang

July 17, 2023

Diablo 4 Heart of Mold is one of the longer quests available in the Hawezar region, and it’s part of a questline.

In the Heart of Mold side-quest, you must find a cure that works so you can save Yolanda’s life. She is a healer from the town of Wejinhani.

Considering that Heart Mold is one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, you must finish it if you are a completionist.

As such, make sure to check the following walkthrough, where we’ll explain how you can quickly complete D4 Heart of Mold side-quest.

How To Start Heart of Mold Quest in Diablo 4

Before getting to start Heart of Mold quest, you must meet a couple of requirements.

First, you have to progress with the main story all the way to Act 5 and get to the Hawezar region.

Then, you must complete the previous two quests in the questline: Gift of the Swamp and Fungal Remedies.

Upon your failed attempt to heal Yolanda in the Fungal Remedies side-quest, you must talk to the NPC to learn that only a certain Zurke might have answers regarding the affliction.

In case you forgot where you can find Yolanda, you’ll need to go to the hut northeast of the Wejinhani Waypoint, as shown on the D4 map below.

Diablo 4 Heart of Mold becomes available after completing the Fungal Remedies side-quest

To continue, you must find this Zurke fellow for who you’ll need an offering.

Thus, go to the village’s gate and take the werewolf head nailed on it.

The Grotesque Trophy is found nailed to the Wejinhani village gate

You can easily find the gate by following the blue marker on your minimap.

With the Grotesque Head in your inventory, you must find the clearing in the Corpsewail Deluge and look for Zurke.

Where To Find the Clearing in the Corpsewail Deluge in Diablo 4

Corpsewail Deluge is found on the north side of Blightmarsh, and we’ve pinpointed the exact location of the clearing on the next map, so you don’t have to waste too much time looking for it within the search area.

The Clearing in the Corpsewail Deluge is found on the north side of the Blightmarsh area

When you reach the place, you must light the two Mossy Torches and place the Grotesque Head in the Offering Bowl.

Follow the blue markers on your minimap if you have problems locating the Torches and the Bowl.

After completing the tasks, Zurke will appear, and you can speak with him.

The NPC will tell you that he needs the eyes out of Nuroth the Vile Fang’s head in order to help you.

Hence, you must now find Nuroth in the nearby search area.

Where To Find Nuroth the Vile Fang in Diablo 4

To be more precise, Nuroth is found in the northeast part of the search area, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Nuroth the Vile Fang location map

Be aware that Nuroth is an Elite enemy and has a couple of buddies with him.

Nuroth is found in the northeast part of the search area

Surely Nuroth will be no match for you, and after you slay the Elite enemy, you can pick up the Oversized Snake Eyes from the ground.

Now return to Zurke and place the Eyes in the Decaying Animal Corpse next to the NPC.

Then take the Moldy Heart and make haste to Yolanda with it, preferably by fast traveling to the Wejinhani Waypoint.

Luckily, the remedy works, and Yolanda starts feeling better immediately.

Congratulations, our Nephalem friend! You’ve completed Diablo 4 Heart Mold and the questline, receiving the following rewards: Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. However, you now focus on another Hawezar side-quest, like Lost Cause.

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