Diablo IV Left Behind: Where To Find Derin’s Remains

July 18, 2023

Left Behind is a Diablo 4 gather quest in which you’ll have to explore one of the many Hawezar dungeons to find the remains of a Zakarum Crusader.

Hence, Diablo 4 Left Behind counts as one of the 49 Hawezar side-quests, and you must finish all of them if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the fifth region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Note that the dungeon you’ll have to enter for Left Behind packs a lot of enemies, making the quest a little tricky.

As such, it might not be a bad idea to check our following walkthrough to learn how to complete D4 Left Behind side-quest as fast as possible.

How To Start Left Behind Quest in Diablo 4

To be able to play Left Behind, you must first reach the Hawezar region in Act 5, then just like for the Lost Cause side-quest, you must clear the Vyeresz Stronghold.

So, make your way to the south side of the region and take the Vyeresz Stronghold, but be aware it can be a challenge.

If you’ve already cleared the Stronghold, fast travel there using the Waypoint and find Mateen, the quest giver.

Look for the NPC by a big fire on the west side of the Stronghold, and when you locate him, ask what troubles him.

Diablo 4 Left Behind becomes available after clearing the Vyeresz Stronghold in Act 5

Mateen will tell you that he and his pal Derin wanted to prove themselves by venturing into the cave outside of the camp to drive the cultists out.

However, the plan didn’t work as they had hoped, and Derin was overrun.

Now Mateen asks you to go into the cave and look for Derin’s remains for a proper burial.

Thus let’s see where you can find the cave and the remains.

Where To Find Derin’s Remains in Diablo 4

The cave Mateen mentioned is actually the Shadowed Plunge dungeon, located in the northeastern part of Vyeresz, as shown on the next D4 map.

The Shadowed Plunge dungeon is located in the northeastern part of Vyeresz

To continue, venture into the dungeon and explore every inch of it until you find Derin, who is surprisingly alive.

We’re sorry we can’t provide the exact location of the Zakarum Crusader, but the dungeon’s layout is random.

Just keep an eye on your minimap for a blue marker that will appear when you get close enough to Derin, just like in the image below.

Derin's remains are found in the Shadowed Plunge dungeon

Now give one of your potions to Derin by interacting with him and tell the Crusader, Meteen sent you.

Derin will then stand up and go outside of the dungeon.

If you want to complete the side-quest quickly, you can exit the Shadowed Plunge now, but we suggest you finish the dungeon for some extra loot and the Aspect of Branching Volleys.

Once you leave the dungeon, you’ll find Mateen and Deren together in front of the entrance.

To complete Diablo 4 Left Behind side-quest, you must talk to the two NPCs who will thank you, and then you’ll be rewarded with Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. But there are plenty more Hawezar side-quest waiting for you, like Flesh and Blood.

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