Diablo IV The Pilgrim’s Footsteps: How To Follow the Journey

June 30, 2023

Diablo 4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps is a pretty tricky side-quest you can complete in the Amber Sands area of Kehjistan, the fourth explorable region of the video game released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 6, 2023.

Thus, Pilgrim’s Footsteps counts as one of the 44 Kehjistan side-quests, and you’ll need to finish all of them if you are a completionist.

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps objective doesn’t give you too many details, and that is why you can spend some time finding the solution.

As such, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete D4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps quest.

How To Start The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Quest in Diablo 4

First, you must progress with the main story until you reach the Kehjistan region and Act 4.

Then you have to head to Searing Expanse on the west side of the Amber Sands area.

It would be best to check the map below to see the exact location where you can start the quest.

Diablo 4 The Pilgrim's Footsteps quest becomes available from the start of Act 4

Once you reach the spot, clear the mobs and look for an Old Book on the ground.

The book is marked with a blue exclamation sign on the minimap, and when you interact with it, you get the following message:

Walk the road of faith to a lone desert chapel. Stand at Akarat’s feet, follow his example, and be rewarded.

Remember the message, as you’ll need it later.

Upon closing the book, you get the objective of following the pilgrim’s journey.

How To Follow the Pilgrim’s Journey in Diablo 4

To continue, you must open your map to see a search area in the northern part of the Amber Sands area.

The quest's search area is in the northern part of the Amber Sands area

More exactly, you have to reach Zakarum Chapel and go in front of the statue in the middle of the search area.

Now if you remember the message in the Old Book from before, you have a hint on what to do next.

If you can’t figure it out, we’ll help you out; you must stand right in front of the statue and perform the Follow emote.

So, press the Up - GameClubz on the D-pad of your PlayStation/Xbox controller, select the emote from the list (use - GameClubz/- GameClubz or - GameClubz/- GameClubz if needed), and press - GameClubz/- GameClubz to confirm.

There is a chance you might not have the Follow emote assigned to any slot.

If this is the case, press the Up - GameClubz, then - GameClubz/- GameClubz to customize, select the emote, select a slot (use - GameClubz/- GameClubz or - GameClubz/- GameClubz if needed), press - GameClubz/- GameClubz to assign, then - GameClubz/- GameClubz to save changes, and finally, - GameClubz/- GameClubz to close the menu.

After you perform the Follow emote in front of the statue, a chest will magically appear, as shown in the next image.

Perform the Follow emote in front of the statue to spawn the Boon for the Faithful chest

Finally, interact with the Boon for the Faithful (the chest that has just spawned) to complete Diablo 4 Pilgrim’s Footsteps quest. You’ll get rewarded with loot from the chest, XP, Gold, and Renown points. Now, there are plenty more Kehjistan side-quests for you to tackle, like Butchers of the North, also in the Amber Sands area.

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