Diablo IV Smoke Signals: Where To Find the Kealer Farm

June 28, 2023

Diablo 4 Smoke Signals is the second quest of one of the Scosglen questlines, and this time you need to check for survivors on a farm that was attacked by goatmen.

Because the Smoke Signals quest is part of the 47 Scosglen side-quests, you have to finish it if you want to achieve 100% completion in the region.

Note that the quest is not that easy because you have to fight a lot of mobs. That is if you find the farm in the first place.

Thus, we got you covered as always, and throughout the walkthrough below, we’ll give you all the instructions you need to complete D4 Smoke Signals quickly.

How To Start Smoke Signals Quest in Diablo 4

Because Smoke Signal is part of a questline, to start it, you must first complete the previous quest, named The Seer.

Of course, before anything, you must progress with the main story to reach Act 2.

When you’re prepared, you have to head to Corbach in the middle of the Strand area of the Scosglen region.

Then you must find Baewyn The Seer and talk to him. You’ve already met Baewyn in the previous quest of the questline.

If you can’t find the NPC, you should check the following map because we’ve pinpointed his exact location on it.

Diablo 4 Smoke Signals becomes available after completing The Seer side-quest

Talk to Baewyn to ask him what he learned from the entrails you procured for him in The Seer side-quest.

He will tell you that from his readings; he was able to see that the goatmen attacked Kealer’s Farm.

Baewyn sensed a survivor, and you must hurry to investigate.

Where To Find Kealer’s Farm in Diablo 4

When you’re done talking to Baewyn, you can open your map to see the quest’s search area on the west side of the Strand.

As you’ve probably guessed, the search area is on Kealer’s Farm, and you must get there for your current objective.

On the D4 map below, we’ve marked the exact location of the search area.

Kealer's Farm is located on the west side of the Strand area

Once you reach the spot, you’ll get attacked by many mobs, including Elites.

Slay all the enemies and head to the northeastern part of the search area to find the survivor Baewyn was talking about.

Farmer Kealer is found in the northeastern part of the search area

The survivor is Farmer Kealer, and after speaking with him, you learn that the other survivors were taken to the tunnels and that the attack wouldn’t have happened if Chieftain Eiruig hadn’t destroyed the wardstones.

Sadly Farmer Kealer dies after giving you the information, but no time for mourning because you have to return to Corbach and give Baewyn the news.

Don’t forget that Corbach has a Waypoint you can use to fast travel.

Baewyn says that with or without reinforcements, it’s time to take the fight to the goatmen who are camped in the Domhainne Tunnels.

However, Diablo 4 Smoke Signals comes to an end, and you’ll receive the following: a Cache, Gold, XP, and Renown points. But if you want to see how the questline ends, focus on the Reclamation quest, which is now available to play.

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