Diablo IV Thieves’ Famine: How To Collect Stolen Supplies From Bandits

June 11, 2023

Diablo 4 Thieves’ Famine is an Act 3 side-quest in which you can recover some stolen supplies from bandits for Gelek, an NPC in the town of Ked Bardu.

Just like Corroding Mettle, the Thieves’ Famine quest is part of the 38 Dry Steppes side-quests, which all completionists should tackle.

As such, unless you want Gelek’s children to waste away in hunger, you should definitely help out and be the hero one more time.

Also, to make sure you complete D4 Thieves’ Famine quest as fast as possible, don’t hesitate to check our walkthrough below.

How To Start the Thieves’ Famine Quest in Diablo 4

To start the said side-quest, you must enter Dry Steppes, the Act 3 region, and make your way to the Ked Bardu town in the Kotama Grasslands area, where you can also start The Spreading Darkness main-quest.

Then look for the NPC with the exclamation mark on the map, near the town’s southern gate, as shown below.

Diablo 4 Thieves' Famine becomes available in Ked Bardu town in the Kotama Grasslands area

Now let’s see what exactly you need to do for the quest giver.

How To Collect Stolen Supplies From Bandits in the Kotama Grasslands

Upon talking to Gelek, you learn that brigands have plundered the caravans he was waiting for, leaving him without food, among other things.

To help him out, you must first exit the town and then open your map to see a big search area (covering the Kotama Grasslands) filled with red dots.

You get stolen supplies by killing bandits marked with red dots on the map, in the Kotama Grasslands area

Each red dot represents one bandit you must kill for a chance to find stolen supplies.

The good news is that you’ll get stolen supplies every two or three mobs you defeat (only the ones marked with red dots on the map).

Every two or three bandits killed and you should get stolen supplies

The bad news is that you need 20 stolen supplies.

But still, it shouldn’t take too long, especially if you go for big groups of bandits, obtaining multiple drops in the process.

Once you’ve managed to gather the 20 stolen supplies, all you have to do is return to Gelek and talk to him to complete Diablo 4 Thieves’ Famine side-quest. As you see, your efforts are rewarded with XP, Gold, and 20 Dry Steppes Renown points. Also, you can now start the Crucible of Worth side-quest, available in the same area.

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