Diablo IV Unsafe Travels: Where To Find a Ghost Palm

July 1, 2023

Unsafe Travels is a Diablo 4 gather quest, the first in the questline with the same name, and it can be completed in the Kehjistan region.

Diablo 4 Unsafe Travels is part of the 44 Kehjistan side-quests, which are all mandatory, assuming you want to achieve 100% completion in the fourth explorable region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

However, for the said quest, you must find a Ghost Palm Flower, and unfortunately, it will not get marked on your map until you get close enough.

Therefore, to have an easier time completing D4 Unsafe Travels side-quest, make sure to check the walkthrough below.

How To Start Unsafe Travels Quest in Diablo 4

For Unsafe Travel, you are not required to meet a special requirement; you must just reach the Kehjistan region and Act 4.

Then you need to head to the Tar pits on the south side of the Amber Sands area and talk to Mahjoob, the Desert Guide.

Don’t hesitate to refer to our following D4 map if you have problems locating the NPC.

Diablo 4 Unsafe Travels side-quest becomes available from the start of Act 4

Mahjoob will tell you how he was attacked by a demon on his way to Tarsarak.

He was lucky as he managed to slay the creature, but not before it bit him, and the venom can be problematic.

Mahjoob says that he needs a flower for the treatment.

Where To Find a Ghost Palm in Diablo 4

The flower is named the Ghost Palm, and it grows near old bones.

The problem is that there are old bones all over the place, and if you open your map, you’ll see a pretty big search area.

The quest's search area is on the south side of Amber Sands

As such, finding a Ghost Palm can take a while, and we can’t help you with the exact location because it spawns randomly.

Just search every inch of the area carefully, and you should eventually find one.

Don’t forget it grows near old bones, and it looks like the one in the next screenshot.

Ghost Palm is found near old bones

To speed up the process, it would be best to search for the plant on your mount, provided you’ve already unlocked it.

Also, keep an eye on the minimap because a blue marker will appear when you get close enough to a Ghost Palm.

To continue, you have to interact with a Ghost Palm, but be aware that it will take a couple of seconds to gather it, so make sure there are no mobs nearby.

Now, you must deliver the Ghost Palm Flower to Mahjoob, who will thank you because his arm burns like hellfire.

Congratulations are in order, friend! You’ve managed to complete Diablo 4 Unsafe Travels and receive the following rewards: Renown points, Gold, XP, and a Cache. Also, you’ve unlocked Road to Ruin, the next quest in the questline.

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