Disney Dreamlight Valley A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space: Where To Find Bonnie’s Drawings

by Vlad
December 8, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie’s Drawings will help you recreate Bonnie’s Toy Farm while playing A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space Quest, introduced by the second DLC of the video game developed by Gameloft.

While they can’t be considered quest items like the Magic Growing Cactuses we discussed earlier, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie’s Drawings are mandatory if you wish to complete A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space which will eventually help you bring Buzz Lightyear to your Dreamlight Village.

After helping Woody return to the Toy Story Realm, Buzz informs you that their mission was to help Bonnie restore her farm but to do that, they need 4 Blueprints.

These Blueprints are scattered around the Toy Story Realm or Bonnie’s Room if you want. So, to help Woody and Buzz, your objective is to find the 4 Blueprints or Bonnie’s Drawings and take pictures of them.

So without further ado, throughout the following Disney Dreamlight Valley guide, we’ll go over Bonnie’s Drawings locations.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie’s Drawings Locations

Before starting, it is worth pointing out that, unlike the previous items you have found, this time, you won’t be able to interact with the Drawings.

Instead, you’ll need to use your camera and photograph them. You can do that while taking a selfie, so don’t worry about changing the camera’s settings.

Therefore, the first step for this objective is to equip your camera by pressing RT on your Xbox controller, then select it from the Tools wheel.

Last but not least, according to Buzz, Bonnie’s Drawings are on colored construction paper, and they have gold stars on them. If you wonder what they look like, here is one of them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie's Drawings Locations

Now that you know what you are looking for, here are the four Toy Story Realm Bonnie’s Drawings locations.

1. On The Left Side Of The Bed

The first Disney Dreamlight Valley A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space Drawing, is on the left side of the bed, near the white dresser.

From the top of the bed, use the pile of toys to get to the ground, turn right, and you’ll see a green painting on the floor by the nightstand.

Use your camera to take a picture of it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie's Drawings Pictures Locations

2. Inside The Dresser

The second Blueprint is inside the dresser or the white wardrobe. From the previous location, turn around and get inside the cabinet.

As you enter, look at the wall on the left side to spot the picture in the following screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Realm Bonnie's Drawings Locations

3. Inside The White Shelf

For the third picture, you’ll have to get to the right side of the bed. So from your current location, head outside the dresser, then go around Bonnie’s bed in the middle of the room.

Eventually, you’ll spot a large table similar to a flower. While next to it, you’ll see a white shelf Bonnie uses to store her toys and books.

Behind the toys is another Blueprint you have to photograph.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space Bonnie's Drawings Locations

4. Above The Toy Oven

The fourth and final Disney Dreamlight Valley Bonnie’s Drawing picture is the trickiest because it’s placed high above the ground.

Specifically, you’ll find it on the left side of the Toy Oven in front of the bed.

As you can see below, it is a pink drawing showing an elephant and a penguin. To take a picture of it, make sure that the actual drawing is inside the objective marked area. You don’t have to get close to it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space Bonnie's Drawings Pictures Locations

After taking all pictures, it’s time to head back to Woody and Buzz so they can study them. Using the Blueprints, they’ll be able to recreate Bonnie’s Toy Farm.

A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space quest ends after you return to the Dreamlight Village and place Buzz’s RV in an empty spot. To build it, you need 10.000 Star Coins at your disposal, and you have to interact with Scrooge McDuck’s sign near the RV.

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