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September 9, 2022

While most of the time, Disney Dreamlight Valley provides clear instructions on where and what to do, when it comes to cooking meals, you have to either receive the Recipe or discover it by experimenting with the ingredients.

Probably the main reason you are here is that you stumbled upon some Dreamlight Duties asking you to prepare a 4-star or even 5-star meal, or maybe the Event Duties ask you to make some specific meals, but you don’t have a Recipe for them.

Don’t worry because, in the following guide, we will show you how to unlock Cooking and provide a complete list of all the recipes in the video game developed by Gameloft for you to start cooking immediately.

How To Unlock Cooking In Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking system can be unlocked in three different ways:

  • Repair Scrooge McDuck’s Store (covered in-depth here), talk to him inside the shop, and order a stove from his catalog by choosing the I’d like to order some items line.
  • Complete the Foodception Quest from Mickey Mouse (also covered in-depth here) to receive a Stove for free.
  • Craft a stove at the Crafting Station, next to the Goofy’s house.

Once you get your hands on a stove, go inside your house and place it down so you can start cooking.

How To Unlock Cooking In Disney Dreamlight Valley 

How To Cook 

To cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must gather ingredients like vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, seafood, spices, etc.

These ingredients can be obtained in a couple of ways, including:

  • gathering from trees, bushes, and the ground
  • fishing in the ponds and sea
  • buying from the Goofy’s stalls
  • planting seeds and harvesting
  • buying from Remy once Chez Remy is open

If you’re looking for a particular ingredient, go to the Collection menu and choose the Ingredients tab. Every ingredient in the game is listed here, and by selecting one, it will show you where you can find or buy it.

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, interact with a stove, either the one in your house, Mickey’s house, or Chez Remy.

You’ll be able to add up to five ingredients into the pot by dragging the ingredients off of the left-hand menu one at a time and dropping them into the pot. Then, select Start Cooking to prepare the meal.

You also need Coal Ore every time you prepare a meal, which can usually be found by digging or mining rock spots.

How To Cook In Disney Dreamlight Valley 

The meal will be added to your inventory automatically. You can then choose to continue cooking or stop.

Also, if your inventory is full, you must drop something on the floor to receive your meal in your inventory.

Quick Tip: you don’t need to have your ingredients in your inventory to use them for Cooking. If you keep your ingredients in a chest, you’ll have access to all of them when you use the stove.

How To Find & Use Recipes 

When you interact with the stove, you can open the Recipes window in the top-left corner of the screen.

Each Recipe contains pieces of information such as:

  • Name of the Recipe
  • Picture of the Recipe
  • Star Rating – Rated from 1 to 5 stars
  • Specific Ingredients Slots – These ingredients are essential and cannot be replaced
  • Any Ingredient Slot – Ingredients are split into eight categories (check the categories below); when you see the category icon in the Recipe, it means any ingredient from that category will work.

For instance, you could cook the Veggie Pie with any vegetable (lettuce, carrot, onion, mushroom, potato, etc.), butter, and wheat.

How To Find & Use Recipes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Also, you can unlock more Cooking Recipes in three different ways:

  • Finding them inside houses in the furniture or digging them up from the ground
  • Obtaining them as rewards from quests
  • Experiment with Cooking until you unlock a new Recipe (you don’t need to have the Recipe unlocked to be able to cook it – check our Cooking Recipes List below and start cooking);

NOTE: Cooking once any of the recipes listed below will permanently unlock the Recipe in your in-game Recipes list.

List of Ingredients & Recipes

The following table contains all Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Ingredients, grouped by their Cooking category:

VegetableFruitGrainDairy & OilFishSeafoodSpicesSweets
Bell PepperBananaRiceCheeseBassOysterBasilCocoa Bean
Chili PepperCherrySoyaCarpLobsterGarlic
White Sturgeon

When a recipe includes the word Any followed by one of the eight categories listed above, you can add any ingredient that falls into that category.

For instance, if a recipe calls for Potato, Any Spice, Any Vegetable, you could prepare the meal in various ways, such as Potato, Oregano, Lettuce or Potato, Basil, Carrot.

The following tables contain all Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Recipes available in the game, divided into three different types of Recipes: Appetizers, Entrées, and Desserts.

Appetizers Recipes Ingredients

RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Arendellian Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionGarlicAny Spice
Bell Pepper PuffsBell PepperEggCheese
Cheese PlatterCheese
Chili Pepper Puffs ChilliEggCheese
CrackersAny Grain
Creamy Soup Any SpiceMilkPotatoAny Vegetable
Crudités Any Vegetable
Eggplant PuffsEggplant EggCheese
French FriesCanolaPotato
GazpachoCucumberTomatoOnionAny Spice
Green SaladAny VegetableLettuce
Grilled VegetablesAny Vegetable
Grilled Veggie PlatterAny VegetableAny VegetableAny Vegetable
Hard-Boiled EggsEgg
Large Seafood PlatterAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny SeafoodLemon
Marinated HerringHerringOnion
Okra SoupOkra
Onion PuffsOnionEggCheese
Oyster PlatterOysterLemon
Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionAny Spice
Potato Leek SoupLeekPotatoMilkOnionGarlic
Potato PuffsPotatoEggCheese
PottagePotatoAny SpiceAny Vegetable
Pumpkin PuffsPumpkinEggCheese
Pumpkin SoupAny VegetableMilkGingerPumpkin
Purée Potato
Roasted Asparagus AsparagusCanola
Sautéed MushroomsMushroomButter
Seafood AppetizerAny Seafood
Seafood PlatterAny SeafoodAny Seafood
Tomato SoupTomato
Vegetable SoupAny VegetableAny Vegetable
Zucchini PuffsZucchiniEggCheese

Entrées Recipes Ingredients

RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Apple Cider Glazed SalmonSalmonAppleSugarcane
Baked CarpCarpButter
Basil Omelet
BouillabaisseAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny VegetableShrimpTomato
Carp SaladCarpLemonLettuce
Cheesy Crispy Baked CodCodWheatCheese
ChowderAny SeafoodMilkPotatoAny Vegetable
Creamy Garlic ScallopsScallopsLemonButterGarlic
Crispy Baked CodCodWheat
Fish CreoleAny FishAny VegetableGarlicRiceTomato
Fish ‘n’ ChipsAny FishWheatCanolaPotato
Fish PastaAny FishGarlicWheatMilk
Fish PieAny FishWheatButter
Fish RisottoAny FishRiceButter
Fish SaladFishLemonLettuce
Fish SandwichesAny FishWheat
Fish SoupAny FishAny VegetableMilk
Fish SteakAny FishTomatoBasil
Fish TacosAny FishCornChili PepperCheese
Fugu Sushi FuguRiceSeaweed
Greek PizzaAny SpiceTomatoOnionCheeseWheat
Grilled FishAny Fish
Grilled Fish EntreeAny FishAny Vegetable
GumboOkraTomatoOnionChili PepperShrimp
Hearty Salad
Any VegetableAny VegetableLettuce
Hors d’OeuvresAny Spice
Kappa MakiCucumberRiceSeaweed
Kronk’s Spinach PuffsSpinachCheeseCanola
Lancetfish PaellaLancetfishShrimpAny SeafoodTomatoRice
Leek SoupLeek
Lemon Garlic SwordfishLemonGarlicSwordfish
Lobster RollLobsterWheatLemonButterGarlic
Maguro SushiTunaSeaweedRiceGinger
MakiAny FishSeaweedRice
Margherita PizzaAny SpiceWheatTomatoCheese
Mediterranean SaladCucumberTomatoOnionLettuceAny Spice
Mushroom PizzaMushroomWheatTomatoCheese
Mushu’s CongeeRiceEggMushroomGarlicGinger
Pan-Fried Angler FishAnglerfishTomatoSucchiniPotato
Pan-Seared Bass & VegetablesBassAny VegetableAny Vegetable
Pan-Seared Tilapia & VegetablesTilapiaAny VegetableAny Vegetable
Pasta WheatTomato
Peanut Butter SandwichPeanutWheat
Poached Basil-Butter SturgeonWhite SturgeonBasilLemonButter
Porridge with FruitsWheatMilkAny Fruit
Ranch SaladLettuceCornTomatoBell PepperOnion
Ratatouille TomatoOnionEggplantZucchiniAny Spice
Sake MakiSalmonSeaweedRice
Sake SushiSalmonRice
Savory FishAny FishLemon
Scrambled EggEggCheese
Seafood PastaAny SeafoodWheatMilk
Seafood PieAny SeafoodWheatButter
Seafood SaladAny SeafoodLettuce
Seafood SoupAny SeafoodAny VegetableAny Vegetable
Seared Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutOnionTomato
Simple Fried PerchPerchWheatButter
Smoked Peanuts and AnglerfishPeanutAnglerfish
Sole MeuniéreSoleWheatButterLemon
Spaghetti Arrabbiata WheatTomatoChili Pepper
Spicy Baked BreamBreamButterChili Pepper
Steamed FuguFuguGingerGarlic
SushiAny FishRice
Sweet & Sour Kingfish SteakKingfishLemonSugarcane
Tasty SaladLettuceCucumberAny VegetableAny Spice
Tasty VeggiesAny VegetableAny Spice
Tekka MakiTunaSoyaSeaweedRice
Teriyaki SalmonSalmonSoyaSugarcaneRiceGinger
Tuna BurgerTunaLemonOnionWheatAny Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza Any VegetableAny VegetableCheeseTomatoWheat
Vegetarian StewPotatoOnionCarrot
Vegetarian TacoCornChili PepperCheeseAny Vegetable
Veggie CasseroleAny VegetableAny VegetableCheeseAny Spice
Veggie PastaAny VegetableWheatTomato
Veggie PieAny VegetableWheatButter
Veggie SkewersMushroomZucchiniOnionBell Pepper
Walleye en PapilloteWalleyeBasilOreganoAny Vegetable

Desserts Recipes Ingredients

RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Apple PieAppleWheatButter
Apple SorbetAppleSugarcaneSlush Ice
Aurora’s CakeWheatSugarcaneEggMilkAny Fruit
Banana Ice CreamBananaMilkSugarcaneSlush Ice
Banana PieBananaWheatButter
Banana SplitBananaMilkSugarcaneSlush IceAny Sweets
Berry SaladRaspberryGooseberryBlueberry
Birthday CakeEggButterSugarcaneWheatCocoa Bean
Blueberry PieBlueberryWheatButter
CandyAny Sweets
Caramel ApplesAppleSugarcane
Carrot CakeCarrotSugarcaneWheatEgg
CheesecakeCheeseWheatSugarcaneAny Fruit
Cherry PieCherryWheatButter
Chocolate Chip CookiesWheatSugarcaneButterCacao Bean
Chocolate Ice CreamMilkSlush IceSugarcaneCocoa Bean
Chocolate WafflesCocoa BeanMilkWheatEgg
Coconut CakeCoconutSugarcaneWheatEgg
Coconut Ice CreamCoconutMilkSugarcaneSlush Ice
Fruit Salad Any Fruit
Fruit SorbetAny FruitSlush Ice
Gray Stuff
SugarcaneCocoa BeanAny Dairy/Oil
Ice CreamMilkSlush IceSugarcane
Jam WafflesAny FruitWheatEggMilk
Lemon SorbetLemonSlush Ice
Meringue PieLemonWheatButterEgg
Mint CandyMintSugarcane
Mint ChocolateMintCocoa BeanSugarcaneButter
Mint SorbetMintSlush Ice
“My Hero CookieAny SweetsWheatButter
Pastry Cream and FruitsAny FruitAny FruitAny FruitSugarcaneMilk
PawpsicleAny FruitSlush IceSugarcane
Peanut Butter Waffles PeanutEggWheatMilk
Plain Snow ConesSlush Ice
Red Fruit PieAny FruitWheatButter
Red Fruit SorbetRaspberryGooseberrySlush IceSugarcane
Shake Any Dairy/Oil
Snow White’s Gooseberry PieGooseberryWheatButter
Sour Snow ConesLemonSlush IceSugarcane
Sweet SlushAny SweetsSlush Ice
Tropical PopAny FruitCoconutSugarcaneSlush Ice
Vanilla Ice CreamVanillaMilkSugarcaneSlush Ice
WafflesAny SweetsEggWheatMilk
Wedding CakeVanillaSugarcaneButterWheatEgg
Wonderland CookiesVanillaSugarcaneButterWheat

These are all Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Recipes and the ingredients you’ll need, with more to be added in the future.

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  1. the recipe for vegetarian taco is missing “any vegetable” as the first ingredient. If you do the recipe as stated, you just get vegetable soup.

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