God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 20, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral, is the saddest Favor in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and the shortest one because to complete it, you’ll only need to travel to Sverd Sands.

God Of War Ragnarok Viking Funeral also features the actual ending of Kratos’s journey, and it becomes available after you finish the story; therefore, if you didn’t beat the game, then you should stop reading the following guide as it contains spoilers.

Assuming you have already finished all God of War Ragnarok Main Quests, you can start A Viking Funeral Favor, and throughout the guide below, we’ll tell you how to complete it.

As said, the GoW Ragnarok Viking Funeral Favor is very short, but you may encounter difficulties reaching Sverd Sands, so let’s see how to do it.

How To Start A Viking Funeral

A Viking Funeral is a Side Quest with only one requirement: to finish the story and witness Brok’s death.

Once this sad event occurs and you complete The Realms at War Main Quest, you’ll start the Beyond Ragnarok Quest, which requires you to get 100% completion by finishing all activities and finding all collectibles.

Since Brok is dead and Sindri won’t help you anymore, the two dwarves will be replaced by Lunda, your quest giver for A Viking Funeral.

This means that to start A Viking Funeral, you’ll need to find Lunda at one of the Shops. The location of the Shop is not important.

Approach Lunda and talk to her to begin A Viking Funeral, and you’ll find out that Brok’s body was taken to the Tavern in Nidavellir, the dwarven town in Svartalfheim.

God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral Walkthrough

How To Attend The Funeral

Now, you’ll want to head to Svartalfheim to attend Brok’s funeral, so use the closest Mystic Gateway to get to the Nidavellir Mystic Gateway. At this point, all Nidavellir collectibles listed here should be available.

From the Nidavellir Mystic Gateway, follow the path up the hill to enter the Tavern, where you should see Raeb and other dwarves, along with Brok’s body.

Pay close attention to what they have to say about poor Brok, then interact with his body.

God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral Guide

Now wait for Kratos, Freya, and Mimir to say goodbye to Brok, and you’ll be asked to meet the party at the Sverd Sands.

How To Get To Sverd Sands

To get to Sverd Sands in God of War Ragnarok, head back to the Nidavellir Mystic Gateway you used earlier and fast-travel to Aurvangar Wetlands Mystic Gateway.

When you arrive, follow the path ahead and take a left turn to get to the chain ferry you used when saving Tyr.

Get on the ferry and interact with the chain to move towards Sverd Sands.

In the distance, you should see the small island.

God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral Favour Walkthrough

Upon reaching Sverd Sands interact with Brok’s body on the ground, and Kratos will carry him to the Viking boat.

Now, watch how everyone is saying a final goodbye to the good dwarf. Sindri will also make one last appearance before leaving for good.

Upon completing A Viking Funeral, you’ll unlock the Funeral For A Friend Trophy; however, your journey continues, so check our God of War Ragnarok Wiki Hub to find all remaining collectibles and complete all Favours.

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