God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 30, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead is a Favor very similar to Cure For The Dead, which you can complete in Vanaheim, except that this time you need to destroy three Poison Totems in Noatun’s Garden.

GoW Ragnarok Garden For The Dead is also mandatory for getting 100% completion at the end of the game because it counts as one of the 47 Side Quests you need to complete.

Furthermore, by finishing the Garden For The Dead Quest, you’ll be able to remove the poison mist, thus being able to retrieve all of Noatun’s Garden Collectibles we’ve covered here.

So let’s see how to complete the God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Side Quest and how to deal with the three Poison Totems in this small region.

How To Start Garden For The Dead In Vanaheim

To be able to access this Favour, first, you’ll have to finish the 6th Main Quest in the game, named The Reckoning.

At the end of the quest, you’ll return to Freyr’s Camp, and from there, you can navigate south down the river.

While navigating south, hug the eastern shore of the river, and you should be able to find Noatun’s Garden, which is a small beach area behind some ruins.

First, clear the beach but stay away from the poison mist. Next, look around to spot Astrid (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Walkthrough

Approach Astrid, and she’ll ask you to clear Noatun’s Garden by destroying three poison totems. All of them are in the small area in front of Astrid.

How To Destroy The Poison Totems

The Garden For The Dead Poison Totems are relatively easy to destroy, but one of them features a small puzzle you’ll need to figure out.

Let’s start with the first Poison Totem, found northeast while facing away from Astrid.

To destroy it, go around the rubble (left side ) and look for a red jar (pictured below). Throw your axe at it, and the explosion you cause will deal with the Totem.

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Guide

The second Garden For The Dead Totem is behind Astrid. Or behind the ruins where you found her if you want.

It’s very close to the beach, and to destroy it, you’ll need to blow up another jar using Kratos’s Leviathan Axe.

While facing Astrid, head left around the ruins behind her and look for a small hole (also pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Poison Totems Locations

Throw the Leviathan Axe (L2+R1), and again the explosion will do the rest.

The third and final Poisonous Totem is found in the ruins near one of the Lore Reads; in front of Astrid.

This Totem is the trickiest because you won’t be able to hit it from the ground. So, head southeast and go around the building on the right side of the ruin where the Totem is found. Make sure you avoid the gas, though, by going around it.

You should be able to see a Red Chest inside. Climb the wall on the left side (marked below) to reach the roof.

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Destroy Poison Totems

Upon reaching the roof, you will notice a seal you can destroy in the distance inside the building with the Totem.

Simply aim and throw your Leviathan Axe at the seal marked below, and you’ll destroy the third Garden For The Dead Poisonous Totem.

God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Favour Walkthrough

Great job! Now that you have cleansed Noatun’s Garden head back to Astrid and talk to her to complete the God Of War Ragnarok Garden For The Dead Favour.

Before leaving, you should know that on this small beach, you’ll find the Under The Rainbow Treasure Map, which counts as one of the Noatun’s Garden Collectibles.

Make sure you don’t miss it and if you need help with other Favours and all Collectibles in the game, visit our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub.

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