God Of War Ragnarok All 80 Lore Locations Guide

by Vlad
November 11, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Lore is a type of collectible that will help you reach 100% completion in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, even though they do not unlock a specific trophy.

The Lores in God Of War Ragnarok come in different shapes, such as Lore Reads, Lore Markers, and Lore Scrolls, that Kratos must find and read with the help of Mimir.

While you’ll also automatically unlock additional Lore by progressing the story, throughout the locations guide below, we’ll discuss the Lore that you have to actively find in each area of the video game.

Like other collectibles we already covered (Artifacts, Nornir Chests & Odin’s Ravens), some God Of War Ragnarok Lore collectibles can’t be retrieved early in the game when you work on the story.

That’s because you’ll need special equipment to reach their areas.

After the story, you can backtrack to all Realms and areas in the game to find them because nothing is missable in God Of War Ragnarok.

The first Lore collectible you can retrieve in God of War Ragnarok is a Lore Marker found in Aurvangar Wetlands.

Aurvangar Wetlands is basically the first area you’ll get to explore as Kratos and Atreus after the prologue, and as you can notice below, the Marker looks like a tombstone with blue shining runes on it.

God Of War Ragnarok Lore Locations Guide

To collect a Marker in God of War Ragnarok, all you need to do is approach it and then press square to interact with it.

God Of War Ragnarok Lore Collectibles Locations

After finishing the first quest in God of War Ragnarok, the game opens up, and you get access to many areas you can explore.

Since there are 80 Lore collectibles in God Of War Ragnarok, and because you can’t get all of them early in the game, if you are a completionist, it’s best to focus on the story trying to find as many as possible.

Upon finishing the story, you can revisit all areas to collect the remaining collectibles or those you have missed.

Finally, because this type of collectible counts towards completing all God of War Ragnarok locations across all Realms, the following list includes the areas where they can be found.

Whenever you reach one of the locations listed below, use our in-depth guide to see where the Lore is found in the game.

AreaRealmNumber Of Lore Collectibles
Aurvangar WetlandsSvartalfheim1
Alberich HollowSvartalfheim1
Modvitnir’s RigSvartalfheim1
Radsvinn’s RigSvartalfheim1
Althjof’s RigSvartalfheim2
Alberich IslandSvartalfheim1
Lyngbakr IslandSvartalfheim1
Dragon BeachSvartalfheim1
The ForgeSvartalfheim2
The ApplecoreSvartalfheim3
Jarnsmida PitminesSvartalfheim1
The OarsmenMidgard1
Raider FortMidgard1
The Derelict OutpostMidgard2
The Lost TreasuryMidgard2
Lake of NineMidgard4
Burning CliffsMuspelheim1
Freyr’s CampVanaheim2
Eastern Barri WoodsVanaheim2
The Abandoned VillageVanaheim2
Pilgrim’s Landing Vanaheim1
Noatun’s GardenVanaheim3
Cliffside RuinsVanaheim1
The Veiled PassageVanaheim1
Goddess FallsVanaheim1
Vanir ShrineVanaheim7
River DeltaVanaheim2
Western Barri WoodsVanaheim1
The Jungle Vanaheim2
The SinkholeVanaheim1
The PlainsVanaheim5
The StrondAlfheim2
Temple of LightAlfheim2
The CanyonsAlfheim2
The BelowAlfheim1
The BarrensAlfheim4
The Burrows Alfheim1
The Forbidden Sands Alfheim7

Now that you know where to look for these God of War Ragnarok collectibles take your time looking for them, and don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for other important items, weapons, and crafting materials you don’t want to miss.

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