God Of War Ragnarok The Canyons Collectibles Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 11, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Canyons is a short and linear area you can explore early in the game after exiting the Temple of Light (covered in-depth here) alongside Tyr, and it includes only three collectibles, one of them being a Treasure Map.

God of War Ragnarok Canyons collectibles are relatively easy to find, and they count towards your overall progression in Alfheim; however, there are several important aspects you have to be aware of, especially because this area connects The Strond (covered in depth here) and The Barrens.

As such, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Alfheim Canyons, including where to find all collectibles:

  • 2 Lore
  • 1 Odin’s Raven

Luckily the collectibles in the Canyons can be found without needing to unlock any special gear the first time you get access to this area.

Therefore they are best approached after you complete Groa’s Secret Main Quest.

At the end of the said quest, Tyr departs using the Strond Mystic Gateway. Immediately after he leaves, you’ll see an Elf pinned to the wall next to the Gateway by a spear. The said wall will eventually collapse, opening a new area.

At this point, you’ll get access to the Canyons. Now, lets’ see where to find all God of War Ragnarok collectibles and how to get 100% completion.

Lore (Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map): By A Corpse On The Road.

The first Canyons collectible is one of the 80 God of War Ragnarok Lore, which comes in the form of a Treasure Map.

You can see it as you progress through the linear canyon immediately after leaving the Strond region.

God Of War Ragnarok The Canyons Lore Locations Guide

Look for it on the left side, as seen in the screenshot above. Upon picking up the Lore Scroll, you’ll start the Vulture’s Gold treasure hunt, which requires your presence in The Barrens area.

Check our Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map guide here if you need help finding the Buried Treasure.

Now, head through the passage ahead, and eventually, you’ll get to a passage blocked by some red vines (roots).

To progress, you’ll have to throw your axe hitting all three roots simultaneously. So, hug the left side of the canyon, get close to them, and throw Kratos’ axe.

Once you destroy them, climb the wall on the right side, and you’ll find Sindri’s Shop.

Lore Marker (U-Natur-Liker): In Front Of The Shop

The moment you see Sindri’s Shop, you should be able to spot the second Canyons Lore, which is a large stone with small runes on it.

God Of War Ragnarok The Canyons Collectibles Locations Guide

Get close to the Lore Marker and interact with it, then make sure you activate The Canyons Mystic Gateway.

Odin’s Raven: Above Sindri’s Shop

Excellent job; now head back to the area in front of the shop and while facing Sindri, look above the rocks and slightly to the right.

You should see the Canyons Odin’s Raven flying around.

God Of War Ragnarok The Canyons Odin Raven Location

To kill the Raven required for The Eyes Of Odin Favour outlined here, you’ll want to get close to it and follow its flying pattern, which is always the same.

Aim slightly above the Raven when it flies in a straight line.

After you kill it, you’ll get 100% completion for The Canyons; however, the next area you’ll want to explore is The Barrens.

The Barrens, as you are about to see, are affected by a sandstorm making exploration quite tedious.

Therefore, talk to Sindri in The Canyons, and start the Secret Of The Sands Favor we explained in-depth here. Focus on it so you can stop the storm, then you can fully explore the large area where The Barrens collectibles await.

Remember to check our God of War Ragnarok Wiki Hub for all collectibles and other useful tips and tricks.

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