God Of War Ragnarok The Eyes Of Odin Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 10, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok The Eyes Of Odin is the first Favour or side-quest you’ll trigger and probably the last one you’ll complete in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

That’s because for the God Of War Ragnarok The Eyes Of Odin Favour, you’ll need to kill all of Odin’s Ravens, which act as spies for the Norse God.

In total, God Of War Ragnarok features 48 Ravens hidden in specific locations. As you probably know from the previous video game, the hidden Ravens also act as collectibles, which means that if you aim for 100% completion, you’ll have to find all of them.

Unlike the previous game, though, God Of War Ragnarok Ravens also unlock a series of rewards as part of the Favour you’ll need to complete, as well as a powerful boss you’ll have to defeat to complete The Eyes Of Odin side-quest.

As such, if you’re looking for all of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you the areas you’ll need to visit.

How To Start The Eyes Of Odin Favour

The Eyes Of Odin Favor is probably the most accessible side-quest to start because all you have to do is spot and kill one of the Ravens Odin sent to spy on Kratos and Atreus.

The first hidden Raven you’ll encounter while following the story is in Aurvangar Wetlands, a Svartalfheim area you’ll cross while playing The Quest for Tyr.

Alongside other Aurvangar Wetlands collectibles outlined here, the moment you reach Aurvangar Wetlands, you should be able to spot the first Raven on a rock on the left side.

God Of War Ragnarok The Eyes Of Odin Guide

To kill it, you’ll need to hit the glowing bird with your axe, so make sure you aim at it by holding L2, then press R2.

Once you kill the Raven, The Eyes Odin Favour is triggered, and to progress it; you’ll need to find and kill the remaining 47 Ravens.

God Of War Ragnarok Eyes Of Odin Ravens Locations

Because Odin’s Ravens count as collectibles, you’ll need to look for them whenever you visit specific areas in the game.

To save time, the following list reveals the locations where the Ravens are hiding. Simply follow our collectibles guides below, and you’ll get all of them. Keep in mind that some areas can include more than one Raven, while others, none of them.

It is also worth knowing that you can hunt them down after you complete the story.

AreaRealmNumber Of Ravens
Aurvangar WetlandsSvartalfheim1
Alberich HollowSvartalfheim1
The WatchtowerSvartalfheim1
Radsvinn’s RigSvartalfheim1
Althjof’s RigSvartalfheim1
Alberich IslandSvartalfheim2
Lyngbakr IslandSvartalfheim1
The ForgeSvartalfheim2
The ApplecoreSvartalfheim1
Jarnsmida PitminesSvartalfheim1
Well of UrdMidgard1
The OarsmenMidgard1
The Derelict OutpostMidgard2
Lake of NineMidgard2
Burning CliffsMuspelheim1
Surtr’s ForgeMuspelheim1
The Southern WildsVanaheim1
Freyr’s CampVanaheim1
Eastern Barri WoodsVanaheim1
The Abandoned VillageVanaheim1
The Veiled PassageVanaheim1
Goddess FallsVanaheim1
River DeltaVanaheim2
The JungleVanaheim1
The SinkholesVanaheim1
The PlainsVanaheim5
The StrondAlfheim1
Temple of LightAlfheim2
The CanyonsAlfheim1
The BarrensAlfheim2
The Forbidden Sands Alfheim4

The Eyes Of Odin Favour Rewards

Upon finding and killing all Ravens at the locations listed above, you’ll get the chance to claim your rewards, which are found inside 6 God of War Ragnarok Legendary Chests.

These chests are found at the bottom of The Raven Tree region we’ve covered here in Niflheim Realm. Each chest is unlocked after killing a specific number of Ravens and includes a unique item as follows:

  • Girdle of Raven Tears – Unlockable after killing 6 of Odin’s Ravens
  • Bracers of Raven Tears – Unlockable after killing 12 of Odin’s Ravens
  • Cuirass of Raven Tears – Unlockable after killing 18 of Odin’s Ravens
  • Breath of Thamur – Unlockable after killing 28 of Odin’s Ravens
  • Meteoric Slam – Unlockable after killing 38 of Odin’s Ravens
  • The Finger of Ruin – Unlockable after killing 48 of Odin’s Ravens

So as you can see, there are some powerful items waiting for you at the end of The Eyes of Odin Favour.

On top of this, you’ll also get 10000 XP for Kratos and 2500 XP for Atreus, but to claim these, you’ll need to defeat The Raven Keeper, a powerful boss waiting for you, in the opening near the shop. The Raven Keeper is a Hel-Revenant, and the fight features multiple phases, so make sure you wear your best armor and weapons before facing him.

If you need additional help obtaining some great gear, check your God Of War Wiki Hub here.

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