God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 12, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands is one of the 47 Favours featured in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and one of the earliest side-quests you’ll complete while following the main story.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favour is also relatively short but quite important for various reasons.

First, because the Secret Of The Sands Favor allows you to remove the sandstorm in The Barrens area, thus being able to find all collectibles and complete all activities.

Second, because it allows Kratos to spend more time with Atreus, as you’ll find out at the end of the quest.

And third, because you’ll get to help a fantastic creature and receive 1500 XP for Kratos and 375 XP for Atreus.

Finally, you’ll get access to a new region known as The Below.

So, throughout the following God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands walkthrough, we’ll guide you from start to finish and help you solve all puzzles in The Below.

How To Start Secret Of The Sands Favor In Alheim

Secret Of The Sands Side-Quest is started by talking to Sindri at his shop in The Canyons area after you finish Groa’s Secret Main Quest.

At the end of Groa’s Secret, instead of following Tyr through The Strond Mystic Gateway, you can enter The Canyons.

Cross the linear area and collect all of The Canyons collectibles outlined here.

Once you reach Sindri’s Shop, talk to him by pressing the triangle button on your PlayStation controller, and you’ll trigger the Secret Of The Sands quest.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Walkthrough

How To Reach The Pained Creature

Upon talking to Sindri, you’ll be asked to find the pained creature Atreus hears, and this objective is the longest in this quest.

Furthermore, you’ll need the reach The Barrens area, so hop on the Gulon sled nearby and follow the linear path ahead until you reach a large opening. You’ll also notice the sandstorm that makes navigation quite tedious.

To save time, the moment you enter The Barrens, head east (right), looking for a small cave entrance under a rock.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Guide

Head inside the cave and descend to the area below. When you reach the bottom, turn around and jump over the gap.

Now, you’ll enter The Below, and the path ahead gets linear again. Swing over the next gap and throw your axe at the red sack to remove the roots.

Drop to the next area, and deal with the Elf; then, you’ll have to figure out how to remove the large roots that block the path ahead.

To progress, stand close to the left edge of the cliff and aim at the Twilight Stone (purple). Move the thumbstick around until the line turns blue.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favour Guide

As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll have to aim and throw your axe to hit the lower right corner of the stone.

Now, after you remove the roots, push forward and enter the room on the right side.

Here you’ll be ambushed by some Elves, so deal with them first.

Once you clear the area, you can get the first Bellow collectible which is one of the 80 God of War Ragnarok Lore.

Without focusing on The Below Collectibles we already covered here, climb the wall in front using the crack on the right side of the Twilight Stone.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favour Walkthrough

Next, climb the wall on the left side (following Atreus), then use the rope to get to the other side of the canyon.

Now head right, and you should see a pillar with a small blue rune on it. Use the Blades of Chaos to jump on it, then jump on the next wall on the right side.

Drop to the ground, and while facing the wooden gate, on the right side is a lower area you can reach. Drop to the level below, and turn around to face the three red sacks you’ll need to destroy.

Aim your axe at the Twilight Stone on the other side of the gap (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Quest Guide

After throwing your axe (charge the throw if needed), retrace your steps back to the upper level, then jump on the stone pillar again. When you turn around, you should be able to jump on the wall on the other side, then onto another pillar on the other side of the gap.

Excellent job; now climb the second pillar, go right, and when you reach the top, turn around and jump to the area below. Now, drop into the next room, and you should be able to get one of the 35 God of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests.

In the next room, head towards the large cave and use the chain to get to the lower area.

Deal with the Elves first, then look for a small hole in the mountain wall.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Quest Walkthrough

Squeeze through the hole, and when you exit on the other side, you’ll see a golden pile.

Head right next, then drop one level and turn around. You should be able to spot an explosive barrel behind the golden pile. Destroy it, and if you turn right, you can see another barrel on the other side of the canyon.

If you destroy it, you’ll reveal another Twilight Stone you can use to remove the red sacks and find a Red Chest.

Now, follow Atreus deeper into the mine, and you’ll reach a rather large cave. What you need to do next is to clear the large roots blocking your way (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favor Guide

As you can see, for this puzzle, you’ll want to aim for the first red sack above the roots while making sure you also hit the Twilight Stone behind it.

This way, you’ll destroy the first red sack while throwing your axe, then the next two after the axe hits the stone.

After clearing the roots, follow the path behind them, and you’ll have to jump over a gap.

Immediately turn left when you reach the other side, and you’ll spot another explosive barrel on the other side.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Favor Walkthrough

Destroy it to clear the golden pile on the other side of the cave, then follow the newly open path.

On the left side, you’ll see another Twilight Stone you can use to destroy two red sacks, thus clearing the wall ahead.

Climb the said wall, and after you loot the Red Chest, you’ll see a device hanging on the ceiling.

Your goal is to throw your axe at the plates on the device so you can rotate it until the side with the Twilight Stone on it faces the red sacks in the distance.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Puzzle Solution

You can see the solution to this Secret Of The Sands puzzle in the screenshot above, and after you destroy the red roots, you can jump to the area below and progress further.

At this point, things get pretty linear, and after dealing with more Nightmares, you’ll enter a small cave.

Use the crack in the wall to go up, and you’ll find the pained creature, which is known as Hafgufa.

How To Destroy The Hafgufa’s Bindings

As you’ll discover, the Hafgufa is a friendly monster, and your next objective is to free it by destroying several bindings.

While facing the creature, turn left and notice the red vase behind the golden pile (pictured below). Make sure you destroy it.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Hafgufa’s Bindings

Next you’ll want to get to the platform behind the pile you just destroyed and look on the other side of the cave.

You’ll see a Twilight Stone, but again you’ll have to aim for the red sack closest to you first and make sure you also hit the Twilight Stone in the distance. Charge your throw if needed.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Hafgufa’s Bindings Locations

Finally, you’ll want to jump over the nearby gap and look up to spot another Twilight Stone.

Aim for it making sure that the line is turning blue; charge your throw, and you’ll destroy the last Hafgufa’s bindings.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Hafgufa’s Bindings Puzzle

Now that you managed to set Hafgufa free, there is only one possible path you can take, and it’s linear. On your way toward the hive cage, you’ll find a Red Chest.

Once you open it, climb the next wall, and you’ll reach a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, look at the ceiling to spot a stone slab you can smash to get to the upper level.

In the next room, you’ll find one of the 53 God Of War Ragnarok Legendary Chests, which should help you achieve 100 % completion in The Below area.

To exit The Below, destroy the red sack and climb the next wall. Once outside, get in your sled, and open your map to see the next objective. It’s northwest of your location, and when you get close, you’ll see a red root like the one pictured below.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Of The Sands Hive Cage Location.

To finish the God of War Ragnarok Secret of the Sands Favour, interact with the red root pictured above and mash the O button on your controller.

This will free the Hafgufa, who will remove the sandstorm in The Barrens, making it fully explorable, so visit to our GoW Ragnarok Barrens collectibles guide to get 100% completion in the desert area.

Now, the Favor is complete, but remember to check our God of War Ragnarok Wiki for more walkthroughs and all collectibles in the game.

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