God Of War Ragnarok The Below Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
November 12, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok The Below Collectibles are required to reach 100% completion in the underground area of The Barrens during or after completing the Secret Of The Sands Favor.

While two of God Of War Ragnarok Below Collectibles are relatively easy to find, the Nornir Chest can be problematic if you don’t know how to deal with it.

As part of our full God Of War Ragnarok Wiki, however, we will go over all collectibles locations in The Below region of Alfheim.

These collectbilbes are:

  • 1 Nornir Chest
  • 1 Legendary Chest
  • 1 Lore

Before discussing all God Of War Ragnarok The Below Collectibles locations, it’s worth knowing that this underground region is best approached while playing the Secrets Of The Sands Favour covered in this walkthrough.

That’s because you don’t need additional equipment for the collectibles in this region, and you can get all of them in a single run while playing the said quest.

After the story, if you missed any of the collectibles in The Below, you can return via The Canyons Mystic Gateway, then head northeast to enter The Barrens, then east to find the entrance to The Below.

Now, let’s see where to find the three collectibles in this underground region.

Lore Rune Read (Patience): In The Underground Settlement

The first God Of War Ragnarok collectible in The Below area is a Lore Rune Read or one of the 80 Lore collectibles in the game.

As you progress through the tunnels, eventually, you’ll reach an area where you’ll need to use a pink Twilight Stone to destroy three red sacks and remove some large roots that block the path ahead.

After you throw your axe, you’ll clear the path ahead and take a right turn that will eventually lead to an underground settlement. Here you’ll also have to deal with some Elves.

The Below Lore is found under the stone wall marked by the right arrow in the following screenshot.

God Of War Ragnarok The Below Lore Location

To get it, climb the wall using the crack marked by the left arrow above, turn right, and you’ll be able to see two red sacks.

First, hit the metal plate at the edge of the wall, then hit both sacks with a single axe throw to remove the roots below.

Now, drop twice to the lowest level, and you’ll find a Red Chest and, next to it, the Lore Rune Read.

God Of War Ragnarok Below Lore Collectibles Location

Nornir Chest: Behind A Wooden Gate

Although The Below Nornir Chest is quite close to the Lore above (same area), you won’t be able to open it right away, so instead of wasting time from the previous collectible, head back to the upper wall.

Head left and go up one level until you reach a zipline you can use to cross the large gap, then turn right.

Eventually, you’ll reach another gap with a stone pillar on the right side. Use the grappling points to cross the gap, then on the right side is a lower area. Head down, then turn around and throw your axe at the Twilight Stone in the distance to remove the red sacks.

god of war ragnarok secret of the sands quest guide - GameClubz

Now retrace your steps to the upper level, then back on the pillar but this time, use the grappling points to progress to the area behind the roots you removed.

When you reach the next pillar, head right and then up. Now, jump on the ground and continue on the path ahead until you see a round window with the N Rune on it.

God Of War Ragnarok Below Nornir Chest Location

Before hitting the rune with your axe, drop to the room below and open the wooden gate on the right side.

Now, go through the gate, turn left and drop again to spot the C Rune in front of the Nornir Chest.

God Of War Ragnarok Below Nornir Chest Runes Locations

Make sure you open the wooden gate on the right side; then, if you look behind it, you’ll see the R Rune close to the wall on the left.

God Of War Ragnarok Below Nornir Chest How To Open

Now that you managed to open all gates, head back to the first rune by the window and throw your axe at it. As you can guess, you’ll have to move fast and hit the remaining two.

The trick for The Below Nornir Chest is to open the two wooden gates before hitting the runes; otherwise, you won’t be able to deactivate the 3 Nornir Runes in time.

Remember to check our God Of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests locations guide if you want to find similar chests.

Legendary Chest (Shoulder Straps Of Radiance Chest Armor): In A Room Leading To The Barrens

The Below Legendary Chest is the most accessible collectible in this area because it’s impossible to miss. You can find it in the last room before exiting to The Barens area.

So basically, this one requires you to fully explore The Below, and you’ll get it on your way out.

God Of War Ragnarok The Below Legendary Chest Location

Inside the God Of War Ragnarok Below Legendary Chest, you’ll find the Shoulder Straps Of Radiance Chest Armor, but if you’re looking for better gear, check our Legendary Chests Locations guide here.

And that’s it! You found the three God Of War Ragnarok The Below Collectibles, so pick another area by visiting our Wiki Hub page, or simply check The Barrens area we fully covered here.

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