Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 27, 2021

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2 Collectibles are easier to find, mainly because there are only 3 and because the second chapter in the video game developed by Eidos-Montréal is far shorter than Chapter 1.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2, named Busted, take place on Nova Corps Star Frigate known as Hala’s Hope.

While playing Chapter 2, you’ll have to find 3 Guardians Of The Galaxy collectibles:

  • 1 Outfit
  • 1 Guardian Collectible 
  • 1 Galactic Compendium Item

Guardians Of The Galaxy Busted – Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations

Since there are only three collectibles you need to find in Chapter 2, the guide below covers all of them; however, you should know that later in the game, you’ll return here.

So, in chronological order, here is where to find all collectibles in Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2.

Collectible #1 – Nova Lord Star-Lord Outfit

The first of the Chapter 2 Collectibles is the Nova Lord Outfit for Peter.

This costume can be contained only later in Chapter 2, as you follow Nikki toward her hideout.

Eventually, Peter has to push a yellow crate to stop the flame from coming out of a pipe.

Once you do that, keep following Nikki, and you’ll be given two dialogue options:

  • Encourage Her
  • Take Control

What you chose here is not essential, nor will it affect the story, but when this happens on the left side, you’ll be able to spot a small hole.

Crouch and head through that hole, then squeeze through the yellow pipes to spot the purple chest with the outfit in it.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #2 – Broken Translation Device Guardian Collectible

The second Chapter 2 item you have to find is a Guardian Collectible which is far easier than the previous one.

It is a Broken Translation Device, and it is in Nikki’s hideout.

Look for it by the pink monitors when you reach the said hideout. You should see it behind the yellow crates, on the ground.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #3 – Nikki’s Personal Device Galactic Compendium Item

The third of the Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 2 Collectibles comes automatically after making a dialogue choice that is very important if you wish to get all collectibles in the video game.

At the end of the second chapter, you’ll ride an elevator with Nikki and her mother, Ko-Rel.

During the ride, it is imperative for you to side with Nikki (here is why).

As such, make sure you pick the following lines:

  • Re-Activate Elevator 
  • Try To Help Nikki 
  • Take The Blame

If you follow this path, Nikki gives you her Personal Device, which you’ll be able to use when you return here during Chapter 7, allowing you to access all areas where more collectibles can be found.

So, make sure you take Nikki’s side during the elevator ride.

chapter 2 collectibles locations guardians of the galaxy - GameClubz

These are all Chapter 2 Guardians Of The Galaxy Collectibles locations, so don’t miss them if you aim for all trophies and achievements in the game.

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