Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 28, 2021

There is a total of 9 Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles you have to find while exploring Seknarf Nine, and the guide below explains how to get all of them.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3: The Cost of Freedom is larger than the previous chapter of the video game developed by Eidos-Montréal; hence, you’ll have to find more collectibles.

Furthermore, during Chapter 3 of Guardians Of The Galaxy, you’ll get to learn about the Galactic Compendium Items you found while playing the first two Chapters.

As such, the Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 collectibles are:

  • 2 Outfits
  • 3 Archives
  • 1 Guardian Collectible
  • 3 Galactic Compendium Items 

Guardians Of The Galaxy The Cost Of Freedom – Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations

Before we start the guide, it is worth knowing that all collectibles listed below are in chronological order, which means that you may want to follow them as you play the game.

Furthermore, as you’ll see, the first three are Galactic Compendium Items found during Chapter 1 (covered here) and Chapter 2 (also explained here).

If you missed them earlier, you won’t be able to start the corresponding cutscenes.

Collectible #1 – Spinal Control Unit Galactic Compendium Item

At the beginning of the Chapter, while inside Milano, there are three interactions you have to complete.

The first one is in Rocket’s Room, and it requires the Spinal Control Unit found in Chapter 1 (refer to this guide).

If you have the Guardians Of The Galaxy Spinal Control Unit, enter Rocket’s Room, and you’ll find it on a box.

Interact with it, and you’ll start a dialogue with Rocket.

To add the Spinal Control Unit to your inventory, you need to listen to Rocket’s story and exhaust both dialogue choices:

  • Kree Scientists: What exactly did the Kree do to you?
  • Super Soldiers: How many “super soldiers” were there on Halfworld?
Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations

Collectible #2 – Ravager Comm Bracelet Galactic Compendium Item

Once you are done with Rocket, head to Peter’s Room and check the Ravager Comm Bracelet near the mirror.

Again you must find this item in Chapter 1 (as explained in this guide). Otherwise, it will not appear at the locations marked below.

When you interact with it, you’ll start a conversation with Gamora, and you have to cover both topics:

  • The Pirate Code: The Ravagers had a simple code. “Steal from everyone.”
  • Brothers In Chains: Yondu and I were cellmates…
Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #3 – Broken Translation Device Galactic Compendium Item

Finally, assuming you found the Broken Translation Device in Chapter 2, head to the hangar on your way out of the ship, and on the left side, as you descend the stairs, you’ll see the collectible on some yellow crates.

Interact with it to trigger a dialogue (or monologue) with Groot.

Make sure you cover both choices:

  • Lost In Translation: I didn’t always have a translation implant…
  • The Language Of Trees: Actually, hold that thought. Rocket!
Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles Guide

Collectible #4 – Collateral Damage Archive

Good, so now that you are done with the collectibles inside Milano, it’s time to head outside.

The next Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectible is an Archive, and you’ll find it in the area where you have to deal with the first enemies.

These enemies are some square gelatin creatures, and you’ll fight them in a rather large arena.

Once you deal with them, you’ll have to get to higher ground by shooting the gray goo so Drax can move a transformer.

Then ask Rocket to use the console on the red wing of the ship, but instead of moving forward, take a left turn.

On top of the hill, take another left turn to see the Archive on the ground.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Archives Locations

Collectible #5 – Gamora Outfit

The next Chapter 3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Collectible is the Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit, and it is highly missable.

After you get the previous collectibles, you’ll eventually reach a jungle. It is a rather large area and what you want to do is to hug the right side, looking for a path.

Keep following it, and on the left side, you’ll see a hole that takes you to a cave.

Once inside, go around the central pillar and shoot the gray goo.

Now, in the next cave, deal with the enemies, then shoot the gray goo under the red hand you can see on the ceiling.

Next, jump over the gap, then go through the crack in the wall to enter the third cave.

Hop on the ledges above and on the right side; you’ll spot the Outfit Collectible purple chest.

Chapter 3 Outfits Guardians Of The Galaxy

Collectible #6 – Chitauri Sear-Cuffs Guardian Collectible

Another Chapter 3 Collectible that is extremely easy to miss is a pair of Chitauri Sear-Cuffs.

The Chitauri Sear-Cuffs are in the area where a new type of enemy is introduced. It goes by the name of Slakebeast, and it’s some sort of a panther with the head of a squid.

After you defeat the Slakebeast, you have to ask Gamora to climb a wall so you can get a clear shot and release a generator.

Drax can carry that generator, but before placing it in the correct position, have Drax bring it near the wall pictured below.

The said wall is in the area that is opposed to where you find the generator.

Climb on the generator, then on the stone wall, and look down to find a hidden area.

Use the jet-boots to descend to this area, and then on the ground, you’ll find the collectible.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Items Locations

Collectible #7 – Off The Grid Archive

Immediately after the previous collectible, return to the main area and have Drax move the generator to the correct position outlined by a blue shade.

Now, use Gamora to cut the cables and release the wing so you can get to higher ground.

While on top of the wing, turn left to spot another sphere in the lower section. 

guardians of the galaxy chapter 3 all collectibles locations - GameClubz

Collectible #8 – Stupid Job Archive

The next collectible can be found later after you unlock the Ice Element.

You’ll get this automatically via story progression; then, you’ll be asked to use them to save Rocket.

Once you escape, you’ll have to use them again to freeze two generators and climb on a wreckage.

Here, Gamora must cut some cables.

Once she does that, on the left side, behind the cables, is the collectible.

Don’t drop to the next area without the Archive because you won’t be able to climb back.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 All Archives Locations

Collectible #9 – Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Groot Outfit

Last but not least, in Chapter 3, you can find the Guardians of the Galaxy Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Groot Outfit.

This is, again, quite hard to spot, and you have to get it before finishing this chapter.

Once you defeat the two Slakebeasts, your next goal is to ask Groot to create a bridge so you can cross a large gap.

When you reach the other side, head left, and you’ll see some gray goo you can shoot.

Now, in the upper section, you’ll see a small waterfall. Use the Ice Element to freeze the water and hop on the block of ice.

Keep going up, and when you exit on the other side, you’ll see the purple chest with the last collectible in this chapter.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Costumes Locations Guide

These are all Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 3 Collectibles you have to find while exploring Seknarf Nine, so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

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