Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Get Rocket A Charged Battery Objective: How To Complete

by Vlad
October 28, 2021

Get Rocket a Charged Battery is one of the many objectives you have to complete in Chapter 1 of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy video game developed by Eidos-Montréal.

This objective is not too hard, but to complete it, you’ll need to use Peter’s visor, and you may encounter difficulties finding the battery.

If that’s the case, below we’ll quickly go over this objective, and I’ll tell you where to find the Charged Battery for Rocket in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 1.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Charged Battery Location – Where To Find

To find Rocket’s Charged Battery in the Guardians of the Galaxy video game, first, you need to reach the area where Rocket starts messing with the Chitauri Bomb.

This happens, as said in Chapter 1, named  A Risky Gamble, in a relatively large area.

Here Rocket will start working on the bomb right in the middle, and Peter’s goal is to find the Charged Battery.

The moment you receive this objective, press RS to activate  Peter’s visor.

Now, head behind the large pillar where Rocket is doing what he does best, then look up to spot a gray goo named brittle.

You can see it below.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Get Rocket A Charged Battery

Now, if you pay close attention to the brittle, you can see that it holds a platform that has a yellow object on it.

That is Rocket’s Charged Battery you need to get, and all you have to do is shoot the gray brittle.

This action releases the platform, and the battery falls to the ground, as you can see.

guardians of the galaxy charged battry location where to find - GameClubz

Now, approach the Charged Battery, and pick it up by pressing the corresponding button (Y on Xbox).

Return to Rocket, and the objective is complete; however, be advised that your team gets ambushed, so stay alert.

Last but not least, while playing Guardians Of The Galaxy Chapter 1, make sure you find all Outfits covered here, all Archives explained in this guide, and all Guardian Collectibles explained here.

Otherwise, if you are a completionist, you’ll need to replay the whole Chapter to get them.

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