Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide Llama Creature Or Rocket’s Tech: Best Choice

by Vlad
October 29, 2021

Hide the Creature or the Tech in Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2?

If you wonder what’s the best choice, or the correct one, then don’t worry because I’ve got you covered, and below I’ll tell you what happens in both cases.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 starts with a choice you’ll have to make the moment Ko-Rel and the Nova Corps capture your fantastic team. Basically, you have two dialogue choices:

  • Hide the Creature 
  • Hide the Tech
Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide The Creature or Tech Stash

Moments before Ko-Rell calls Peter, you’ll see Rocket leaving the cockpit to attend to some “unfinished” business that is related to the illegal Tech he stole.

For the good of the team, of course.

The problem here is that the Llama creature, or the monster you capture in Chapter 1, also counts as illegal cargo (even if her dumb face says otherwise).

Since Ko-Rel will arrest you, you get the chance to pick the fine you’ll have to pay.

How? By choosing which cargo goes out the window. The Llama Creature or Rocket’s Tech.

Now, before we go over each choice, it’s worth knowing that no matter what you choose, you won’t affect two in-game features:

  • The ending – meaning that you won’t get a different ending if you pick the wrong answer
  • The collectibles locations – meaning that you can still get all of them in a single playthrough

There are minor changes, though, that can make your adventure easier or harder.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide The Creature Choice – What Happens Next

Guardians Of The Galaxy Hide The Creature Choice

If you go with the Guardians of the Galaxy Hide The Creature answer when prompted to do so, you’ll receive a fine of 7000 Credits from Ko-Rel, who finds Rocket’s Illegal Tech crate.

Ko-Rel will tell you this at the end of Chapter 2.

On top of this, because you hide the creature, Rocket’s Tech won’t be available to you anymore, and in Chapter 10, you won’t be able to use the illegal weapons against a boss.

However, the good thing is that this disadvantage is negligible, and you can still win the fight.

Obviously, the story continues, and so is your adventure, but you’ll have access to more credits.

Hide The Tech Choice – What Happens Next

guardians of the galaxy hide the tech choice - GameClubz

The Guardians of the Galaxy Hide The Tech choice allows you to keep Rocket’s stash of weapons, hence in Chapter 10, you’ll get a slight advantage during the fight mentioned above.

The problem with this choice, though, is that Ko-Rel gives Peter a fine of 9000 Credits:

  • 8000 Credits because you are trespassing the Quarantine Zone
  • 1000 Credits for the Llama Creature you just stole

Now, while this amount may not look substantial at first, it is because you’ll need those credits to buy various upgrades.

Hide Llama Or Illegal Tech Stash – Best Answer

So, should you hide the Llama or Rocket’s Illega Tech Stash? 

The correct answer here depends on how you play the video game developed by Eidos-Montréal.

As such, if combat is too brutal for you, and you want a slight advantage during a boss fight, then Rocket’s Illegal weapons will provide that. Don’t expect a miracle, though.

On the other hand, if you are a trophy or achievement hunter, who wants to get all achievements and trophies in a single playthrough, the extra 1000 Credits you’ll save by picking Hide The Creature are critical.

In this case, you’ll want to keep the funny Llama.

Once you decide what to do next, be careful what you choose at the end of Chapter 2.

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