Kao The Kangaroo: All Treasure Chests Locations In Walt’s Dojo

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 28, 2022

Although they do not count as collectibles, Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Chests are pretty important as they allow you to earn Ducats, which you can later spend at the shop for various items.

Unlike the Crystals and KAO Letters we already discovered, the Walt’s Dojo Treasure Chests won’t help you increase the completion rate in the first level of the video game developed by Tate Multimedia.

Regardless, if you want to purchase every shop item, it is recommended to find all 64 Kao The Kangaroo Treasure Chests, and the first two can be obtained while playing the first level in the game.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over the two chests hidden in Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo level and their locations.

Where To Find All Walt’s Dojo Chests In Kao The Kangaroo

As with all collectibles in Walt’s Dojo, it is recommended to follow the same order as the one in our guide.

Otherwise, if you miss one of Walt’s Dojo Chests, you’ll need to replay the level.

Treasure Chest #1: In A Hidden Area

The first hidden Treasure Chest you’ll need to locate and smash is found just before the first KAO Letter.

As you progress through the level, learning the game’s basics, you’ll get to a broken bridge where you’ll see a crab holding a board with tips on how to double jump.

Once you cross the broken bridge, head down the ramp and turn right to see another crab holding a wooden board containing information on secret areas.

Upon reading the information, jump on the ledge behind the crab. Keep following the mountain path, and it will take you to the first Walt’s Dojo Chest.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Chests Locations

Treasure Chest #2: Behind The Guillotine

The second Treasure Chest is in the final section of the level. To get it, you’ll need to find Walt, then progress through the training course, which will take you to a guillotine.

In the area behind the guillotine, you’ll also learn how to throw objects or how the ranged attacks work.

The moment you cross the bridge with the guillotine, turn left, and you’ll see the chest sitting on a lower ledge.

Make sure you smash it to collect the Ducats inside so you can use them when you unlock the shop.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Treasure Chests Locations

These are the Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Chests you have to find in the first level of the video game, so make sure you don’t miss any of them.

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