Kao The Kangaroo: All KAO Letters Locations In Walt’s Dojo

May 27, 2022

Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo KAO Letters are collectibles you have to find if you wish to reach 100% completion in the first level of the video game developed by Tate Multimedia.

Similar to Crystals and Scrolls, the Kao The Kangaroo Letters in Walt’s Dojo are very well hidden, and they require a keen eye even though you’ll be in the training area.

Furthermore, the KAO Letters collectibles count towards unlocking the corresponding trophies at the end of the game.

So, to help you find them faster, throughout the following guide, we’ll talk about the hidden KAO Letters collectibles in Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Level.

Where To Find All Walt’s Dojo KAO Letters In Kao The Kangaroo

Before starting, it’s worth pointing out that you’ll want to follow the same order as the one below, so you can obtain the letters in a single playthrough.

Walt’s Dojo K Letter: On A Cliff

The first of the three hidden Walt’s Dojo KAO Letters is on top of the cliff.

Upon entering the dojo, you’ll start your training, and eventually, you’ll come across a broken bridge. Next to it is a crab holding a board that teaches you how to double jump.

If you pay attention to the cliff on the right side, across the bridge, you’ll see the letter K.

To get it, first, you’ll need to cross the bridge (double-jump), then descend a ramp and take a right turn. You should be able to spot another crab holding a board with tips on Secret Areas.

Follow the path ahead and double jump on the next platform, then hop on the next one to see a chest containing Ducats.

Now, jump on the next ledge, and you’ll collect the letter K.

Kao The Kangaroo Dojo KAO Letters Locations

Walt’s Dojo A Letter: Behind A Waterfall

Upon securing the previous KAO Letter in Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo, continue following the linear path, and eventually, you’ll get to an area with shallow water (green).

Cross it, and behind the next gate, you’ll find another crab and a Life you can collect.

If you look around, you should be able to spot a waterfall. Jump into the clear water, and look behind the water curtain for letter A.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo KAO Letters Collectibles Locations

Walt’s Dojo O Letter: Inside A House

The third and final Walt’s Dojo KAO Letter or Letter O is impossible to spot because it’s inside a house. The said house is found after you meet Walt and start your training course.

Once you clear the first area by the beach, you’ll enter a second one where you’ll learn how to use Kao’t Tail Attack.

If you look around, you should be able to spot two suspended houses, one of them being red. The O Letter is inside the house but to get it, you’ll have to jump on the platforms in the water, then check the back of the porch.

Hit the wooden door to break it down and collect the O Letter inside.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Where To Find All KAO Letters

And that’s it! You just found the three Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo KAO Letters collectibles in the first level.

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