Kao The Kangaroo: All Crystals Locations In Walt’s Dojo

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 28, 2022

Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Crystals are very similar to the KAO Letters we covered earlier, meaning that they are collectibles you’ll have to find to achieve 100% completion at the end of the first level in the video game developed by Tate Multimedia.

Luckily Walt’s Dojo Crystals collectibles are far easier to find; however, one of them can prove hard to spot if you don’t know where to look for it.

In Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo level, you’ll need to get 3 Blue Crystals, which, alongside the KAO Letters and the hidden Scroll, will help you reach 100% level completion.

So, if you wonder where to find the Blue Crystal collectibles in Walt’s Dojo or the first level of Kao The Kangaroo, we’ll go over their locations throughout the guide below.

Where To Find All Walt’s Dojo Crystals In Kao The Kangaroo

To get all hidden Walt’s Dojo Crystals in the first level of Kao The Kangaroo in a single run, make sure you follow the same order as the one in the following guide.

Crystal #1: In A Pond

The first Kao The Kangaroo Crystal collectible is easy to miss because of its color.

Being blue and because it is found in a small pond makes the collectible hard to spot.

To get it, after you start the level while working on finding Walt, you’ll eventually reach a broken bridge where you get to learn how to double jump.

Remember that in this area, you’ll find the first KAO Letter (K). First, get the letter, then cross the area, and you’ll see a wooden gate where you’ll learn how to Roll.

Progress to the next section, and on the right side, you’ll see a pond (pictured below) and the first of the three Walt’s Dojo Crystals.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Crystals Locations

Crystal #2: On A Bridge

For the second Walt’s Dojo Blue Gem or Crystal, you’ll have to progress through the level until you meet Walt. Once you do that, you’ll start your training, and you’ll need to cross the first area on the beach.

The moment you enter the second section of the beach, you’ll spot two suspended houses. Between them is a bridge, and on it is the second Crystal.

To get to it, you’ll need to use the pillars in the water and double jump on them. Also, remember that the second KAO Letter is inside the red house.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Blue Crystals Locations

Crystal #3: On A Pillar

The third and final Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Gem or Crystal, is waiting on top of a pillar in the water.

You can get it after you get past the guillotine, in the area where you learn how to use ranged attacks or throw objects.

While standing on top of the second wooden platform on the right side, you should be able to spot it in the water.

You can double jump from the wooden platform above (pictured) to reach the collectible.

Kao The Kangaroo Walt's Dojo Gems Locations

And that’s about it, friends. You just found the three Kao The Kangaroo Walt’s Dojo Crystals, but if you have questions, let us know.

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  1. I am finding I cannot get passed the crystal caverns at the end of the game were the pink dome is the square boxes will not move when I put the ice on the water then hit the boxes they only move a very small way I have collected all the crystals and the ruins and scrolls but cannot get the last ruin that is in the dome. Where am I going wrong.please help I would love to finishe this game.

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