Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Bottomless Pond Well Chest Location

by Vlad
May 18, 2023

Bottomless Pond Well is a Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom landmark worth exploring because of a Chest you can find inside, provided you take your time exploring the underground cave.

The Legend Of Zelda ToTK Bottomless Pond Well Chest contains a Boomerang that Link can throw to hit enemies from afar.

Besides the Chest, inside the Bottomless Pond Well, you can also find many ingredients used in cooking and other materials you can use for crafting.

To get your hands on them, though, first, you’ll need to find the Bottomless Pond Well, and throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss its location and how to get everything inside.

Where To Find The Bottomless Pond Well In Legend Of Zelda ToTK

The Bottomless Pond Well in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is found on the southeastern side of Central Hyrule, northeast of Tajikats Shrine.

The exact map coordinates for this landmark are 0688, -0762, 0017.

Bottomless Pond Well in Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is found in Central Hyrule, northeast of Tajikats Shrine.

Upon reaching the location marked on the map above, first clear the surface area, then drop inside the Well but get ready to deal with several Bokoblins and a Moblin. These skeleton-like enemies are pretty easy to deal with, especially if you set them on fire.

Now, after clearing the underground cave, loot the remains of the foes you just defeated, then let’s see where to find all loot and the hidden Chest.

How To Get The Bottomless Pond Well Chest

Starting with the pond under the Well’s entrance, first jump into the water and catch the two Glowing Cave Fish.

Next, head back to the central cave and hug the right wall. You’ll notice that the Bottomless Pond Well In Legend Of Zelda ToTK features several alcoves you can climb to get multiple materials.

In the first alcove on the right side, while looking at the central cave area, you’ll find a deposit you can smash with a blunt weapon to obtain a Flint and a Rock Salt.

If you don’t have a blunt weapon, Fuse a stone into any weapon in your inventory and use it to destroy the black deposits.

Inside the second alcove, as you go around the cave’s wall, you won’t find anything but several steps away from it; you’ll find 6 Brightbloom Seeds.

After you get them, check the next alcove, and you’ll find another deposit you can smash to obtain one Rock Salt.

Next to it, as you can see below, sits the Chest you are looking for. To loot the Bottomless Pond Well Chest, use Link’s Ultrahand Ability to pull it outside the mud.

Use Link's Ultrahand Ability to pull out the Bottomless Pond Well Chest

Once you collect the Boomerang, continue moving around the Well’s wall, and in the next alcove, you’ll find another deposit you can smash to get an Amber and a Flint. Behind the deposit, you’ll find a Bomb Flower.

After obtaining all the materials listed above, the Well is fully explored, and you can return to the surface. To exit the Bottomless Pond Well cave in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, use the Ascend Ability or simply fast-travel to the closest Shrine you have completed.

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