Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Ruins Blocks Puzzle: How To Complete

by Vlad
May 18, 2023

Several steps north-east of Sage Temple Cave, you’ll find the Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Ruins landmark, which features an unusual Block Puzzle you can solve to get one of the many Korok Seeds available in the video game published by Nintendo.

Unlike other Block Puzzles, this one is a bit different because you’ll need to figure out how to arrange a stone cube based on the hints provided by the environment.

While unrelated to Link’s story, the Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Ruins Puzzle is important because of the Korok Seed you’ll obtain by completing it.

As you probably know, Korok Seeds are used to increase Link’s inventory slots; therefore, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Block Puzzle in the Sage Temple Ruins area of Zelda ToTK.

Where To Find The Sage Temple Ruins Puzzle In Zelda ToTK

As you can quickly notice on the following Zelda ToTK map, the Sage Temple Ruins are found on the western side of Central Hyrule.

Aside from the crafting materials, in this area, you can also find the Sage Temple Cave we explained in-depth here, so the said puzzle is best approached while looking for the underground cave.

After you clear the Temple Cave, head northeast toward the location marked on our map. The exact coordinates are -1352,-0181,0008.

The Sage Temple Ruins are found northeast of Sage Temple Cave on the eastern side of Central Hyrule.

Once you arrive at the location marked above, look around the ruins to spot two rooms featuring some cube blocks.

How To Solve The Sage Temple Ruins Cube Blocks Puzzle

While standing on the northern side of the building, facing the ruins, check the left chamber to spot a shape made of cubes. You can see it in the following screenshot.

To solve the Sage Temple Ruins Blocks Puzzle, investigate the left-side room and notice the shape of the structure.

Make sure you pay close attention to how the cubes are arranged.

Now select Link’s Ultrahand Ability and check the room on the right side of the same temple, and you’ll spot another structure, but it has a different shape.

To solve the Sage Temple Ruins Cubes Puzzle in Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, you must restore the structure inside the right-side chamber to have the same shape as the one in the left-side chamber. But with a catch. It must be a mirrored shape.

Or, simply put, the block in the right-side room has to be the same as the other one but turned around. This involves moving the mobile block in the room on the right to the left side of the structure you must restore (same room). The result should look like this.

Move the cubes in the room on the right side of the ruins, to the left side of the structure you have to restore.

After solving this cute puzzle in the Sage Temple Ruins, a Korok pops out, and you’ll get your hands on a new Korok Seed.

And that’s about it. Now you know how to solve the Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Ruins Cubes Puzzle, but if you have questions, let us know in the comments below.

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