Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Cave Chest Location

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May 17, 2023

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Sage Temple Cave is a small underground area you’ll be able to find on the western side of the Central Hyrule area in the video game developed by Nintendo, and probably the most annoying Cave you’ll get to explore early in the game.

Nevertheless, the Legend Of Zelda ToTK Sage Temple Cave is an important landmark because of the loot inside, including a hidden Chest and a Bubul Gem dropped by a Bubbulfrog.

Unlike other Caves and Wells we’ve explored as part of our Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Wiki, the Sage Temple Cave requires some preparations, and throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Loot Chest and other important materials.

Where To Find The Sage Temple Cave In Legend Of Zelda ToTK

As you can see on the following Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom map, the Sage Temple Cave is located on the western side of Central Hyrule.

The coordinates are -1408, -0256, and 0010, while the Cave’s entrance is above the ground, close to a large tree in the water area.

The Sage Temple Cave In Legend Of Zelda ToTK is found on the western side of Central Hyrule

Before jumping inside the Cave, however, you must be prepared because you must destroy an impressive wall of rocks.

As such, stock up on Flower Bombs and arrows or Fuse stones on the weapons you carry to craft Blunt Weapons Link can use to smash obstacles.

How To Get The Sage Temple Cave Chest

After dropping inside, you’ll notice that the only items available for collecting are six Brightbloom Seeds near a rock wall.

Get all 6, then get ready to do some smashing. Depending on the items in your inventory, you can opt to fully destroy the rock wall or stick to the Chest you must collect and the Bubbulfrog you must kill.

Assuming you don’t want to lose all your weapons because of the weapon degradation system implemented by Nintendo, focus on the left side of the wall as you enter the Cave.

Dig a tunnel by smashing the rocks with a blunt weapon, and as you go deeper, you’ll find a hidden room, part of a ruined temple.

On the ground, you’ll find the Sage Temple Cave Chest containing the Knight’s Claymore.

To get the Sage Temple Cave Chest smash the rock wall with a Blunt Weapon.

After securing the Chest, you also have to deal with a Bubbulfrog but to get to it; you must dig deeper.

From the tunnel you just created, head right because the opening allowing you to get to the Bubbulfrog is on the upper level.

Once you reach the temple’s upper floor, you’ll be able to spot the Bubbulfrog in the area behind the ruins.

Climb the temple's wall to find the Bubbulfrog

Shoot an arrow to stun the Bubbulfrog, then collect the Bubul Gem it drops. Last but not least, collect the two Giant Brigthbloom Seeds and the Green Rupee under the stone you can lift using Link’s Ultrahand.

Now, you are free to exit the Cave; however, it is worth knowing that you can get additional materials if you destroy the whole wall made of rocks. You’ll find Rock Salt, Flint, Opals, Amber, and even a Rust Claymore, to name a few.

If you rely on weapons, though, it’s not worth losing them in the process, but if you carry enough Bomb Flowers, consider clearing the wall.

Last but not least, to exit the Sage Temple Cave in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, you have to use the Ascend Ability while standing below the entrance, and when you reach the surface, it’s recommended to focus on the Sage Temple Ruins Block Puzzle.

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