Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Solution

May 11, 2023

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine is one of the early shrines that you’ll have to find and complete on the Great Sky Island while working on The Closed Door main quest.

Upon entering the In-isa Shrine, you’ll unlock the Fuse ability. This ability allows you to enhance the power of your equipped weapon or shield by attaching something to it.

After successfully completing In-isa Shrine, you will be rewarded with a Light of Blessing. This essential item is required to gain access to the Temple of Time.

As such, this Legend Of Zelda ToTK guide will show you where to find and how to solve the puzzle in the In-isa Shrine to get your reward.

Where To Find The Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine

The In-isa Shrine can be found in the southwest corner of the Great Sky Island, near the big lake with strong currents. You can see the In-isa Shrine location on the map below.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Location

To reach In-isa Shrine from the Ukouh Shrine we covered here, you’ll have to go down the cable railway near the shrine using a wooden plank and a hook, create a bridge over a gap using logs, and finally cross the lake by building a boat using the materials near the shore.

Once you get to the marked location, let’s see how to complete the In-isa Shrine in Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

How To Complete The Legend Of Zelda In-isa Shrine Puzzle

When you enter the In-isa Shrine, Rauru reappears and asks you to extend your right hand for another upgrade.

You’ll gain access to the Fuse ability, which allows you to attach something to an equipped weapon or shield, thereby enhancing it.

Let’s start solving the In-isa Shrine puzzle by picking up the Rusty Claymore and equipping it, then hold (L) and select with (RS) the Fuse ability on the Ability Wheel.

Get close to one of the two boulders in the room until it gets highlighted green, and press (Y) to fuse them together. Now you have a Boulder Hammer.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Solution

Use the Boulder Hammer to destroy the stone wall blocking the path further into the shrine.

Moving forward, you’ll notice a locked door that requires a key to open.

Head into the room on the right side and collect all the Fire Fruits from the trees as well as the bow on the ground.

For the next section of the puzzle, we must bring down the treasure chest on the wooden platform above, surrounded by leaves.

To do so, hold (ZR) to keep your bow drawn, press and hold DPad UP and use the right stick to select the Fire Fruit. This will enhance your arrow with fire, allowing you to burn the leaves.

Shoot the fire arrow at the leaves to burn them down alongside the wooden plank and make the treasure chest drop down.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Solution

You’ll find a Small Key inside the treasure chest, which allows you to open the locked door and progress deeper into the Shrine of Light.

After you open the door and climb the ladder, you’ll have to fight a Captain Construct, the guardian of the In-isa Shrine, which has access to the Fuse ability, and he’s really powerful.

The trick to this fight is to burn the leaves on the ground using a fire arrow. Doing so will rapidly deplete half of his health without even getting close to him. Then, finish him off with a few fire arrows.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Solution

Close combat against the Captain Construct is very dangerous since each successful hit he lands on you will deplete a heart and a quarter of your health bar.

Even with a fused weapon equipped, you’ll deal insignificant damage.

After you defeat him, he will drop his Rock Hammer alongside a Construct Bow, Captain Construct I Horn (weapon attachment), and a Zonai Charge.

Also, make sure to climb the two ladders and grab all the loot. You’ll find some sticks and spikes at the top of one of the ladders. You can fuse the Long Stick with the spikes to create a Spiky Spear.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle Solution

If you picked up a Thick Stick while exploring the Great Sky Island, you could create Spiky Bat using the spikes.

Finally, interact with the green sigil at the top of the stairs to complete the In-isa Shrine Puzzle in Legend Of Zelda ToTK and receive another Light of Blessing as a reward. Before you can enter the Temple of Time, you must complete next the Gutanbac Shrine.

If you’re looking to complete additional Shrines, check out our Wiki Hub Page here for more helpful guides.

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