Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Ukouh Shrine Puzzle Solution

May 11, 2023

Ukouh Shrine is the first shrine you’ll have to visit in Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom while working on The Closed Door main quest.

To navigate through the Ukouh Shrine, you’ll have to solve a few puzzles which require the Ultrahand Ability, which you’ll unlock after you enter the shrine.

As a reward for completing Ukouh Shrine, you’ll receive a Light of Blessing, a crystal that glows with a light that purges ancient evil and purifies with its radiance.

So, in the following Legend Of Zelda ToTK Shrine guide, we will explain where to find the Ukouh Shrine and how to solve the puzzles to get your reward.

Where To Find The Legend Of Zelda ToTK Ukouh Shrine

The Ukouh Shrine can be found on the Great Sky Island in the northern part of the map near the Temple of Time.

We’ve marked the exact location of the Ukouh Shrine on the map below.

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom ukouh shrine puzzle location - GameClubz

After you reach the marked location, climb the spiral staircase around the tower to reach the entrance.

Some staircase portions are broken, so you must climb the walls to progress further.

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom ukouh shrine puzzle - GameClubz

At the top of the tower, press - GameClubz to open the door and enter the Ukouh Shrine in Legend of Zelda ToTK.

How To Complete The Great Sky Island Ukouh Shrine Puzzle

After you enter the Ukouh Shrine, you’ll see Rauru again, who will tell you more about this shrine.

Also, he will give you the Ultrahand Ability, which allows you to grab and move objects freely, rotate them, and attach them to other objects.

With this ability, you will be able to build or create an unimaginable number of things to solve puzzles and navigate through the world.

For the first part of the Ukouh Shrine puzzle, you’ll have to create a path over this trench to cross on the other side.

Activate the Ultrahand ability by pressing (L) and grab the stone slab on the right side by pressing - GameClubz, then try to position it to create a bridge over the trench. Check the image below for visual reference.

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom ukouh shrine puzzle ultrahand ability - GameClubz

For the second part of the puzzle, you’ll have to cross another trench, but bigger.

On the right side of this area are two stone slabs, but they are too short to place them independently over the trench.

This means we will have to attach them together to create a longer stone slab.

Grab the stone slab leaning against the wall and drop it to have them both lying on the ground.

Then, grab one of the stone slabs and attach it to the other to create a longer stone slab, as shown in the image below.

legend of zelda totk ukouh shrine puzzle attach - GameClubz

Wiggle the - GameClubz left and right to unstick them if you attach them wrongly.

Now, position the longer stone slab over the trench like you did last time and get to the other side.

For the final part of the Ukouh Shrine puzzle, we will have to create some sort of a gondola lift or cable car using the wooden plank and the two hooks on the left to get to the other side.

If you look above this cable railway, you’ll see another one with cable cars going from right to left, which hints at how to create one.

Grab the metal hook lying on the ground and attach it to the middle of the wooden plank. To rotate the hook, hold (R) and find the proper position using the - GameClubzButtons.

legend of zelda totk ukouh shrine puzzle solution - GameClubz

Then, grab your new creation, rotate it and hook it at the start of the cable railway, just like in the image below.

legend of zelda totk ukouh shrine puzzle solution cable car - GameClubz

After you let go, quickly jump on the wooden plank to ride the cable car to the other side.

Examine the green sigil by pressing - GameClubz to complete the Ukouh Shrine Puzzle in Legend Of Zelda ToTK and receive a Light of Blessing as a reward.

Before you can unlock the door to the Temple of Time, you must complete next the In-isa Shrine and then the Gutanbac Shrine.

Also, if you want to find and solve more Shrines, make sure to check our Wiki Hub Page here for additional help.

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