Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Ranch Ruins Cave Chest Location

by Vlad
May 16, 2023

Ranch Ruins Cave is a Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Central Hyrule landmark; you’ll get to explore while looking for additional crafting materials and better weapons, which will eventually break after you use them several times.

Despite the infamous weapon degradation system implemented by Nintendo, Ranch Ruins Cave is one of the first locations you should explore after entering Central Hyrule because of the items you’ll find inside.

The Zelda ToTK Ranch Ruins Cave is relatively easy to navigate, and if you find Konora under the cherry tree, Satori will help you find the location even faster.

Supposing you already found it, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over all items you can get in Ranch Ruins Cave.

Where To Find The Ranch Ruins Cave In Legend Of Zelda ToTK

The Ranch Ruins Cave is found northeast of Jioshin Shrine and southeast of Lookout Landing, as you can see on the following map.

The Ranch Ruins Cave in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is found southeast of Lookout Landing

The exact map coordinates for the Zelda ToTK Ranch Ruins Cave are 0035, -0192, 008. While this cave features two entrances, in our guide, we’ll start the exploration via the southeastern one.

How To Get The Ranch Ruins Cave Chest

When approaching the cave, get ready to be ambushed by some Keeses or the bat-like creatures that are an excellent source of Keese Wings and Eyeballs.

Hit some of them, then before entering the cave, look at the ceiling to spot a Horriblin.

It is the only notable enemy you’ll encounter inside the Ranch Ruins Cave, so thread carefully because it hits pretty hard. Avoid the stones he throws at you, then fire several arrows to bring him to the ground. Now, hit him with your melee weapon.

After dealing with the Horriblin, loot all the items it drops, then climb the first ledge. On the left side, you should see a small hole leading to a side chamber.

Crouch and head inside to loot the following:

  • 3 Brightcaps
  • 5 Arrows
  • Traveler’s Bow
  • 6 Brigthbloom Seeds

After you clear the side cave, head back through the small hole, turn left, and you’ll see a larger cave. As you enter, on the left side, up on a wooden platform, sits the Ranch Ruins Cave Chest.

Before going after the Chest, collect the Brightcap and the Brigthbloom Seeds in the area below.

Now, to get to the Chest, climb the wall nearby (left side), then move to the wooden platform.

The Ranch Ruins Cave Chest is found on a wooden platform in the main cave.

Near the Chest, you’ll find:

  • 4 Brigthbloom Seeds
  • 1 Brightcap
  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 1 Giant Brigthbloom Seed

Once you collect all these materials, open the Chest to the Traveler’s Sword. Finally, from your current location on top of the wooden platform, look across the room to spot another small side area you can reach by climbing.

Make sure you check it out because you’ll find more Giant Brigthbloom Seeds and Brightcaps; however, the most important item is the Bubble Gem dropped by the Bubbulfrog hanging on the wall.

Kill the Bubbulfrog by shooting an arrow first, then hitting the frog-like creature with your melee weapon.

Once you deal with the Bubbulfrog, feel free to exit the Ranch Ruins Cave, which is now fully explored. After returning outside, consider visiting the Mabe Village Ruins Well because it is rich in loot and near the cave you just explored.

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