Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga: How To Complete All Challenges In Ground A-Salt

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Challenges are not as complicated as those from the previous mission (Chrome Dome Down), but they are mandatory for getting an extra Kyber Brick in the last mission of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Furthermore, not all Lego Star Wars Ground A-Salt Level Challenges can be unlocked in Story Mode, meaning that you’ll have to replay the mission in Free Play to claim your rewards.

The Ground A-Salt mission takes place inside a mine you’ll have to explore, and there are specific steps you’ll have to follow if you wish to unlock the associated challenges.

To save you 90.000 Studs that you can spend to buy rumors, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over the three Level Challenges in the Ground A-Salt mission of the video game developed by TT Games.

These Challenges are:

  • I Can Dig It!
  • Knock-Knock!
  • Tight Squeeze

Let’s see how to complete them.

How To Complete Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Challenge #1 – I Can Dig It

When you start the Ground A-Salt mission, you’ll notice that you have two teams you can control. The first thing you’ll want to do is ignore Luke, who is fighting Kylo Ren, and switch to Finn’s group inside the mine.

Follow the tunnel ahead and the tiny glowing fox that will eventually lead you to a small crossroad. You’ll notice that the creature enters a pile of rocks, and here you’ll have to choose one of the available paths.

Just so you know, both tunnels take you to the same area, but for the sake of the guide, we’ll follow the left one to get the first challenge.

After that, you’ll have to return to the same area and follow the tunnel on the right.

So, as you progress through the tunnel on the left, you’ll reach a rather large cave where you’ll need to complete a small puzzle.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Level Challenges Guide

For the Ground A-Salt  I Can Dig It Challenge, you need to punch your way through the crystal caves.

As such, when you get to the cave pictured above, start smashing all objects, then you’ll notice that you can build a Mining Drill or a Boxing Glove Drill.

Make sure you build a Boxing Glove Drill, then you need to power it up. To power the Boxing Glove Drill, you’ll want to get the brown box from the shelf near the contraption you just built.

Step on the red buttons until the mechanical arm picks the brown box, then jump on the box and place it in the slot near the control panel.

Now, grab the glove, push it into the drill, mount the machine, and push the left thumbstick to drill through the tunnels ahead.

Keep drilling until the I Can Dig It Challenge unlocks.

How To Complete Ground A-Salt Challenge #2 – Tight Squeeze

Upon unlocking the previous challenge, you’ll want to retrace your steps back to the starting area inside the mines.

However, this time, you’ll want to follow the tunnel on the right side and get to another large cave. The path ahead allows you to unlock the Ground A-Salt Tight Squeeze Challenge, which requires you to discover a shortcut via the Protocol Terminal.

When you get to the first cave, you’ll notice some stairs. As Finn, follow the stairs up and access the terminal by solving the small puzzle.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Challenges Guide

Now, push the crate released by solving the puzzle all the way to the ground, then head down and build an explosive device.

Pull the nearby level to clear the path ahead, and follow the next tunnel to get to a larger cave with some metal doors.

Before reaching the area where the doors are found, follow the leftmost tunnel to get to the upper section of the cave.

Here, you’ll want to release the ladder near the container, then use it to go up. Activate the control panel on top of the large container. Now you’ll see a crane smashing another container below.

Use the parts from the container you just destroyed to build a cart you can activate by pulling the stud on its back. This cart will smash the iron gate ahead, thus creating the shortcut required to unlock the Tight Squeeze Level Challenge in Ground A-Salt.

How To Complete Ground A-Salt Challenge #3 – Knock-Knock

Once you complete the previous Challenge, focus on finishing the mission, then restart it in Free Play because for the Knock-Knock Level Challenge, you’ll need a Protocol Droid.

Again when the mission starts, forget about Luke and switch to the team inside the cave, then follow the first tunnel until you reach the small crossroad mentioned above.

Here you’ll want to head right again until you enter the cave where you have built the explosive device for the second Challenge.

Follow the stairs inside this cave, and you’ll see a terminal you can access using the Protocol Droid.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Challenges Locations Guide

Switch to a Protocol Droid such as C-3PO, then activate the terminal to gain control over an older version of C-3PO. While controlling the latter, descend the stairs and interact with the terminal that has a green key above.

Now, mash the button on the screen and pick Crait Service Tunnel Doors Password. Follow the nearby stairs down, and activate the panel with a red locker above.

From the list of passwords, select Crait Service Tunnel Doors, and the Knock-Knock Challenge unlocks.

And that’s it, guys! Did you manage to complete all Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Ground A-Salt Challenges? If you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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