Lost Ark Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seed Locations

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March 2, 2022

Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seeds are collectibles you can find in the second dungeon of Lost Ark, right after the five seeds obtainable on Ankumo Mountain. The video game developed by Smilegate offers many challenges, one of which is to stop a plague that is making a lot of victims.

As it turns out, its source comes from the Aquilok’s Head dungeon on Ankumo Mountain. Save the day again and easily find all six Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seeds following the instructions below.

Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seeds Map

The Lost Ark Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seed locations map below should give you a general idea of where the collectibles are. However, four of the dungeon’s seeds are hidden behind two secret passages.

This means that you will probably need additional help to get to the exact location of each collectible. Hence we will provide detailed instructions and screenshots below.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Head Mokoko Seeds Locations Map

Mokoko Seed #1 – Hiding in the Corner

For the first Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seed, you will start at the beginning of the dungeon. Locate Border Guard Posenta and talk to him. After that, continue through the dungeon until you reach a cart blocking the way.

If you destroy it and turn left immediately, you will see a giant boulder with a lever in front of it. To reveal the first secret passage, pull the lever, and the boulder will roll away. Jump from the revealed cliff and go forward, hugging the right side of the map. After a short distance, you will find the collectible hiding in the corner.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Head Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Mokoko Seed #2 – Under an Arcade

Upon collecting the previous seed, go towards the northwest of the secret area. Under an arcade at the edge of the map, you can find the second Mokoko Seed.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Head All Mokoko Seeds Locations

Mokoko Seed #3 – Under Some Plants

You can find another seed by exiting the secret area and moving forward in the cave. Hug the left side, and when the corridor closes, you can find the seed under some plants.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Head Mokoko Seeds Collectibles Locations

Mokoko Seed #4 – In Front of the Bones

For the fourth Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seed, turn back from your last location and make a left when the road allows it. Follow the pathway until you reach some giant bones. Be careful! Look for the ones on the left, not the destructible ones blocking your progress in the dungeon. You will find the collectible in front of the bones.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Head Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seed #5 & 6 – In the Secret Area

The last two seeds are behind the second secret passage. To get there, you first have to “defeat the demons that are spreading the contamination.” This is a step required to finish the dungeon.

After that, proceed forward until you reach a fork in the road at which you will turn to the left to what seems a dead end. Break the wall, and you will reach the two collectibles in this secret area.

All 6 Lost Ark Aquilok's Head Mokoko Seeds
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