Lost Ark Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seed Locations

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March 5, 2022

Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seeds are collectibles obtainable in the game that increase your roster XP and give you extra rewards. Aquilok’s Tail is a Lost Ark dungeon in the video game developed by Smilegate. You can find the cavern and the previous ten seeds in the Rethramis Border area.

Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seed Map

To make things easier for you, let’s get you started with a map that pinpoints each collectible’s location. The dungeon has secret passages hiding most of the seeds, but you are probably used to that.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Tail Mokoko Seeds Locations Map

Mokoko Seeds #1 & 2 – Near Some Giant Bones

The first two Mokoko Seeds are at the beginning of the dungeon. Go down the corridor until you reach some giant bones above you. It looks like a dead-end, but you can actually pass under the bones through a small entrance on the left.

There, you will find a small secret area containing the two collectibles. If you jumped to the other side, I’m afraid you went too far, and you have to restart the dungeon because you can’t jump back.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Tail Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Mokoko Seeds #3 & 4 – At the Edge of the Map

For the next two Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seeds, you actually have to jump to the other side. Turn left and then go forward to what seems to be another dead-end, according to the map. You know better by now, so keep going forward into the darkness of the map.

Stop only when you see the back wall of the secret area. Look at the edge, slightly on the left and in front of some stalagmites, is collectible number three. Also, in the back, in front of a small boulder, you will find a bush with the fourth seed inside it.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Tail All Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Mokoko Seed #5 – On the Left of Some Crystals

Upon collecting the last two seeds, continue with your quest in the dungeon and “destroy the matured Gravedigger’s Egg Pouches.” After destroying the furthest egg pouch on the left of the corridor, you can see another Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seed right there on the right of some crystals.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Tail All Mokoko Seeds Locations

Mokoko Seed #6 – Left of the Altar

The last collectible is inside the final boss area. Go there and clear the area. Grab the Serpentine Jade in the middle for the quest and go left of the altar to gather the seed in front of the smaller crystals.

Lost Ark Aquilok's Tail Mokoko Seeds Collectibles Locations
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