Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations: Where To Find All 9

February 22, 2022

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds are collectibles found in the game to boost your roster XP by 180 for one seed you find.

In the video game developed by Smilegate, they can only be picked up once per account, and all the characters you create will benefit from the roster-level rewards.

You will arrive at Mokoko Village on Tortoyk island pretty early in the game. Here you will find a vendor named Totoma. He will offer you extra rewards depending on how many Mokoko Seeds you have gathered so far.

For now, there are about 1200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark and only 9 in Prideholme.

You have to start somewhere, so here is a guide to help you with that.

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Map – How To Get All 9

To help with your search in this area, here is the Prideholme Mokoko Seeds locations map to give you a general idea of where to find each collectible.

There are 9 of them, and you will find one at each location I have marked.

For a more detailed explication of where to find them, I will provide additional tips and screenshots below.

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations Map

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #1 – In A Field

For the first Prideholme Mokoko Seed, we will start in the southeast of the town.

There are two farms at the end of the road and the map. The northeast one is where you’ll find the first seed.

In the middle of the field, you can’t miss it.

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #2 – Near A Cart

The second one is at the other farm, following the road a little south of the previous location.

Next to the fence is a cart, and next to it, you’ll find the seed.

Lost Ark Prideholme All Mokoko Seeds Locations

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #3 – In A Flower Field

The location of the next Mokoko Seed in Prideholme will take us back to the road between the two farms, this time heading northwest to the center of the map.

Following the road, going straight forward, you’ll reach a house with a tree to the right of it and an old man in front of it.

At the left of the tree, in the flower field next to the house wall, very well hidden, lays our third seed.

You can’t really see it unless you hover the mouse on it.

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #4: – Near Neria’s Tavern

Upon collecting the last seed, go to the stairs located at the right of the tree.

Go up and keep going forward until you reach Neria’s Tavern. In front of it, left of the Plaza Bulletin Board, you will find the next seed in the grass.

Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Collectibles Locations

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #5 – Next To The Lion Statue

The fifth Prideholme Mokoko Seed is a short trip left from the last collectible and the Plaza Bulletin Board.

You will find a lion statue almost immediately. Near it is the collectible, which is very easy to spot.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Prideholme

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #6 -Behind A Tree

One of the 9 Prideholme Mokoko Seeds will take you from the lion statue to the Triport.

Right before the fast travel point, you will see some stairs with a tree next to them at the bottom. And, of course, behind the tree is our culprit.

All 9 Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #7 – Close To The Vista Point

Now, you will have to go up the stairs mentioned above for the next collectible.

Go slightly to the right until you reach a big tree on the right side of the Cathedral. There should also be a vista there, and next to it, you will find the collectible.

All 9 Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Map

Prideholme Mokoko Seed #8 & 9: Prideholme

The location of the last two Mokoko Seeds is a little trickier to find.

First, you have to enter the Cathedral and go all the way to Varut at the back of the church.

Hidden Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Locations

Left from there, you will have to hug the northwestern wall.

Next, you’ll have to walk right through it. Then some invisible walls will guide you to the last two Mokoko Seeds collectibles.

Hidden Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds Guide

And that’s about it. Now you know where to find all Lost Ark Prideholme Mokoko Seeds so go get them, then focus on getting the next six in Toxiclaw Cavern.

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