One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls: Where To Find The Cloth

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January 21, 2023

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls is a fetch side quest named after a very popular Metallica hit song, and it seems like a part of the movie called Doctor Dolittle with Eddie Murphy.

In the For Whom The Bell Tolls side story, you’ll try to recover Cleaner Kevin’s precious polishing cloth that a stray dog took.

But, during the quest, you’ll use Chopper to talk to several stray animals to figure out where the cloth ended up.

Follow this in-depth guide to learn how to recover Kevin’s cloth and complete For Whom The Bell Tolls in One Piece Odyssey.

How To Start For Whom The Bell Tolls Side Quest In One Piece Odyssey

To start the For Whom The Bell Tolls side quest, finish the main story and return to the Marineford Memoria through the Strange Place.

Then, build the bridge in the Crumbled Ground area to be able to enter the town. If you need help making the bridge, check A Prisoner’s Desire side story, where we’ve also covered how you can easily do it.

Head to the southernmost part of the town and look for a skinny guy with a mustache named Cleaner Kevin sitting in front of the Ox Bell in the ruined plaza.

You can find its location on the map below.

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls Side Story Location

Speak to Cleaner Kevin to find out why he needs our help.

Where To Talk To The Plaza Animals

For the first part of the quest, you’ll have to speak with the plaza animals, but there is only one: a cheerful cat.

After you talk to the little cat, you’ll learn that the cloth might be at the stray dog near the fountain in the city.

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls Plaza Animals

Where To Find The Dog Near The Fountain

Take the stairs up to leave the plaza and head to the city’s center to reach the fountain.

Talk to the dog frolicking in the fountain’s water. The dog will tell you that he gave the cloth to a mother cat, and she might be near the cafe terrace with a sea view.

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls Dog Dear Fountain

Where To Find The Cat With The Cloth

From the dog near the fountain, head north up the stairs, then climb other stairs on the left after you pass the brown horse.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find the mama cat near the cafe terrace. Once you speak to her, you’ll learn that her kittens were taken with the cloth by some thieves.

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls Cat With The Cloth

Where To Find The Kitten Thief

The kitten thief can be found in the Crumbled Ground area, near the bridge you’ve built with Franky.

Turn left after you go down the stairs to reach the kitten thief’s location.

One Piece Odyssey For Whom The Bell Tolls Kitten Thief

Get close to the thieves marked in the image above to enter the combat.

After you take them out, return to Cleaner Kevin’s location and give him the cloth you’ve got from the mama cat to complete the For Whom The Bell Tolls quest in One Piece Odyssey.

In exchange for all your efforts, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 1 Ox Bell’s Pendant
  • 126,000 Berries

With one more side story completed, there are plenty more to choose from, so feel free to visit our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here for additional help.

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