One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook: How To Prepare Scorpion And Clam Soup

January 14, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook is one of the many objectives you’ll have to complete during Chapter 2 in Alabasta.

While trying to collect food and water supplies to cross the desert near Nanohana, you’ll enter the Spice Bean Bar, where you’ll meet with Cook Krin.

He will offer you food and water for eight people for free, but in exchange, you will have to cook a better soup than his.

In what seems to be an easy objective, you will encounter some difficulties cooking the soup, which we will cover in the following One Piece Odyssey guide.

Give The Soup To The Cook: Sandy Shell Ingredient

After accepting the challenge to cook a better soup, your crew will head to the beach near your old ship, Merry.

The first ingredient you are looking for to prepare the soup is Sandy Shell, which can be easily found using Sanji’s unique ability.

While playing Sanji, you can find rare ingredients with his cook’s eyes and nose. A blue fish icon marks the rare ingredients.

One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook Sandy Shell Ingredient

Give The Soup To The Cook: Scorpion Leg Ingredient

After picking up the Sandy Shell, you’ll return to the Cook Krin at Spice Bean and ask him where to find scorpions.

He will point you to the Desolate Valley, directly west of the Spice Bean tavern. Head outside, go to the right (west) following the quest marker objective on the minimap.

After going through a cave, you’ll reach the Desert Near Nanohana, with several scorpions patrolling around the dunes.

One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook Scorpions

Sneak behind one of them to enter the combat. After winning the combat, there is a chance you will receive loot, including the Scorpion Legs.

But there is also a chance you won’t receive anything, even after you defeat all the scorpions in the area.

Then, the Give The Soup To The Cook quest marker objective will update, sending you back to the Cook Krin at Spice Bean tavern without the Scorpion Legs in your inventory. However, you won’t be able to prepare the soup without all the ingredients.

So, if this happens to you, return to the Desert Near Nanohana and defeat more scorpions until you receive a Scorpion Leg under the Items tab at the end of the battle.

One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook Scorpion Leg Ingredient

Once you have both ingredients, return to the Cook Krin to unlock Sanji’s cooking ability. Then, speak with the owner of Spice Bean, select Craft, then Cook Food.

Go to the Scorpion and Clam Soup and select the number of dishes you want to make, then press (X) to cook.

One Piece Odyssey Give The Soup To The Cook Sanji's Kitchen

Upon doing so, you will complete the Give The Soup To The Cook objective and permanently unlock Sanji’s Kitchen in One Piece Odyssey.

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