One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted: Where To Find Perfumes

January 17, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted is a side story in Chapter 3 that revolves around some perfumes and your favorite camel. Weird combination, right?

You might remember the camel from the Truth About Eye-Lashes side quest back in Chapter 2 of the video game developed by ILCA.

Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted is pretty tricky because you have to go to some locations that are not marked on the in-game map.

So, if you don’t want to spend serious time searching for perfumes for the Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted quest, you should check the guide below.

How To Start The Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Side Story In One Piece Odyssey

To start this quest, it’s mandatory to travel to Alubarna in Chapter 3. It’s important to note that even if you reach Alubarna in Chapter 2, the mission doesn’t become available until Chapter 3.

So, reach Chapter 3 and play until you arrive in Alabasta, then fast travel to Alubarna.

If you need some tips and tricks on how to fast travel in One Piece Odyssey, you can always check our guide here.

Upon reaching Alubarna, go to the northernmost Save Point, and you’ll find the quest giver (a man near a camel) a couple of meters east of it, as shown on the following map.

One Piece Odyssey How To Start Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted

Where To Find Perfumes

It seems that the quest giver, Commander Kochi, needs you to help him make Eye-Lashes become more motivated.

The plan is to get something to make Nami and Robin even more beautiful so that they can motivate the camel with their feminine charm.

Perfumes should do the trick, and you can find some in the Aroma and Armor Shop in the town of Nanohana.

The shop is located in Spice Bean Plaza, west of the Nanohana tavern, as you can see on the map below.

One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Where To Find Perfumes

After you reach the place, enter the orange building to the south and speak with the seller to get the perfumes.

Now, Sanji points out that you should buy some lotion as well, so let’s see where we can find some of that.

Where To Find Lotions

Good news, there is a stall in Alubarna that is quite famous for its lotions. So, fast travel back to the city and head to its northwestern corner. Check the next map for the exact location.

One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Where To Find Lotions

Once at the right spot, look for a corpulent woman with a blue shirt talking to a man.

Speak with the man to find out that a maid bought all the lotions.

The maid should now be somewhere in the palace square, so you should hurry up to catch her and ask her to give you some lotion.

If you don’t want to waste time searching for the maid in the square, here is a map with her location.

One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Where To Find Maid

Look for a scared man dressed in blue at the said location, talk to him, and then go down the stairs next to him to find the maid.

It seems that the maid got into some trouble with a few burglars, so help her out.

It will be an easy fight, and as a reward, the maid agrees to give you some of the popular lotion.

Now you can return to Commander Kochi and Eye-Lashes to speak with them.

Nicely done, friend! You’ve found perfumes and lotions, then charmed the camel, completing the One Piece Odyssey Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted side mission. Also, don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for more guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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