One Piece Odyssey The Truth About Eye-Lashes: Where To Find The Bait Camel

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
January 15, 2023

Truth About Eye-Lashes is a side story in One Piece Odyssey, and the main objective is to find the Bait Camel a scientist is looking for.

The scientist is actually looking for a Sandora Dragon but to find the creature, you need bait, which is the mentioned camel.

So, long story short, the bait ran away, and the dragon started chasing it. Therefore, find the camel, and you’ll also find the dragon.

However, the Bait Camel is not that easy to find, so you might want to check the guide below to learn all the steps you must take to complete the One Piece Odyssey Truth About Eye-Lashes side quest.

How To Start The Truth About Eye-Lashes Side Quest

First of all, you must find the quest giver, which is located in the Great Sandy Desert.

More exactly southeast of the Sandy Ruins in the middle of the area, as shown on the next map.

One Piece Odyssey Truth About Eye-Lashes How To Start

To reach the Great Sandy Desert, you have to cross the Desert Near Nanohana, which can be tricky without following our guide here.

Once you are at the location marked on our map, look for a man with sunglasses sitting on a rock.

One Piece Odyssey Bait Camel Where To Find

Talk to the NPC, which is named Saien, as you’ll soon find out, and then you can start looking for the One Piece Odyssey Bait Camel.

You can tell apart this camel from the others because of its unusually long eyelashes.

Now let’s see where you can find the poor bait animal.

Where To Find The Bait Camel

The camel’s tracks trail off to the north side of Sandy Ruins, so you can search for the bait in that area (Great Sandy Dunes).

Or just have a look at our following map for the exact location.

One Piece Odyssey Bait Camel Location

If this is your first visit to the Great Sandy Desert, you’ll want to follow the main objectives to cross the western ruins. Or simply put progress through the story.

Upon reaching the said location, you’ll find the camel surrounded by a couple of people that will not let go of the animal without a fight.

One Piece Odyssey Truth About Eye-Lashes Bait Camel Location

Have fun liberating the long eyelashes camel, then talk to it.

Now you have to return to Saien and tell him the new information you acquired, completing the One Piece Odyssey Truth About Eye-Lashes side story. Also, for more guides like this, check out our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here.

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