One Piece Odyssey Bounty Hunt: Where To Find The Beast Tamer Mooji

January 15, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji is one of the Bounty Hunts available in Chapter 2 of the video game published by Namco Bandai.

The beastmaster pirate is not that hard to defeat, but finding him can get tricky without some help.

That is because he hides somewhere in the Ravine of No Return, and as you can learn from our Desert Near Nanohana guide here, the map won’t help you too much in this area.

Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered, and throughout the following guide, we’ll explain how to find Beast Tamer Mooji without breaking a sweat.

Where To Find The One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji

If you don’t know how to accept bounties, you must first reach Chapter 2 and find the NPC named Mediator Marzin in the town of Nanohana.

Complete the quest the NPC gives you, then go to the tavern in the same town and check the bulletin board. As you can see, you can accept a couple of bounties here.

One of which is our One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji which can be found in the Ravine of No Return, as shown in the description of the bounty.

So, let’s first go west of Nanohana to reach the Desolate Valley and then north to reach the Ravine of No Return.

Here you have to follow our exact instructions to reach the beast master pirate. Pay attention because you’ll not take the exact same path as you would if you wanted to reach the Great Sandy Desert area.

Once in the Ravine of No Return, the map will show you where you can complete the bounty; however, the path to reach the spot is not indicated, as you can see in the following screenshot.

One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji How To Find

So, start by taking the path to the east, the one with the cart.

Then, continue on the linear path until you reach a stone statue head in a green space.

Here, you have to head north, and in the next area with multiple choices, keep going north.

Now, you’ll reach an area with some grass and a tree, where you have to go east for the Beast Tamer Mooji bounty or west for the Great Sandy Desert.

Obviously, you’ll go to the east, where you’ll encounter a bunch of enemies, and at the end of the path, no other than our beast master pirate.

One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji Where To Find

Fight him and his beasts to complete the bounty and receive 38,000 Berries, which is the game’s currency.

One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty Hunt

It’s worth mentioning that since this is an easy battle, you can save some time by changing tactics to Auto Battle.

So, press Y on your Xbox controller and select Switch Battle Mode, then Auto Battle. Also, you can press RT to speed up the fight.

Case closed, our pirate friend! You’ve completed the One Piece Odyssey Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty Hunt as easily as a walk in the park. But make sure to check our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here for more guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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